May 23

Havok- Point of no Return EP (2012)


From Denver Colorado the thrashers from Havok have a new release which is a 4 track EP that include two originals from the band and two cover song one of  Sepultura & Slayer.  Havok has been around since 2004 and since then has made their impact on the thrash scene.  The bands previous album was “Time is Up,” which was released back in 2011 (CandleLight Records).  Current band line up is  David Sanchez (vocals / Guitars), Jesse De Los Santos  (bass),  Pete Webber ( drums) Reece Scruggs (guitar / Vocals).

The first track of the album “Point of No Return,” is a great up beat thrashy song.  The drums on the song are great & the bass rift on it is killer.  It’s track fans will enjoy.  “From the cradle to the Grave,” starts off with a crazy drum solo.  The vocals on the track are good & personally liked the back up vocals chanting the song title.  At about 2.45 min the song slows down & basically tears it up in an intense way.

Arise the title track off the album Arise was released in 1998.  Havok covered the classic song from SepulturaSepultura is from Brazil and has been in the scene for about 25 years.  They are very influential and have their own unique and orignal sound.  Arise is one of my personal favorite Sepultura songs and over all Havok did awesome covering the tune.  I though their rendition of it was really killer compared to others who have covered the song previously.

SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more.  Everyone who is into metal knows who Slayer is.  Every metal show you attend there’s always that one person who screams out SLAYER! This band is so infamous, important, influential, & original that they don’t really need an introduction.  From Huntington Park, California formed in 1981 Slayer has become the most known thrash band in the scene.  For a thrash band it almost seems inevitable to not cover a Slayer song.   Havok covered a mixture of two Slayer songs Postmortem/Raining Blood.  Personally I think its hard to try & cover a Slayer song because no one can recreate Tom Araya amazing voice.  It’s so unique harsh and full of in your face energy.  David Sanchez did a really good job with his vocals it sounded great which is hard to do on a Slayer cover.  I personally think his screams were also pretty solid. Overall they did an adequate job covering the tunes.

Point of No Return is a cool EP.  People would enjoy the orignal tracks off the album and the cover songs were wicked job on it.  You can tell they had fun & enjoyed making the songs just by listening to it.


1. Point of No Return

2. From the cradle to the Grave

3. Arise (Sepultura Cover)

4. Postmortem/Raining Blood

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