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Havok at The Orpheum. Tampa, Florida (08/01/2013)



Usually when I do press for an event I become Ms. Awesome-Metal-Chick and chill in the back of the venue, observing the performance and think of some clever descriptions for my review. But the thrash arbitrators Havok laid the way to make my show review more accurate than my previous ones; they dragged my cute butt all the way to the front so close I touched the stage. It has been way too long since I felt other men’s sweat drip down on me, heard drunken guys screaming nonsense to the bands from behind me, and headbanged so hard my head starting aching. On top of that, hearing some of my favorite songs from their new album Unnatural Selection was very awesome. And ladies, if you’re like me and have a weakness for metal musicians with long hair, there is definitely nice eye candy in this band. In short, Havok brought my enthusiasm for metal back.

Havok’s set was nothing short of impressive. Every member of the band encompassed constant vigor and predominance. Embedded with positivity from the band, telling the crowd how much they love them and how happy they were to be there, made the performance that much better. They flaunted their skillful musicianship by performing each menacing solo perfectly. All of this was met with upmost praise from the fans. Was there anything wrong with their performance? Not that I can think of.

Right as they got on stage, Tampa was extremely welcoming to these guys. Yelling out lyrics, moshing, and throwing up the horns was how the crowd, including me (Minus the moshing, I’m way too small.), showed their support. It was a hometown show for Tampa native bassist Michael Leon. David Sanchez’ vocals and solos sounded flawless on stage. My photographer got a kick out of guitarist Reece Scruggs. Pretty sure he has the longest hair of anyone in the band, and my photographer got plenty of amusing mid-headbang pictures. I think this is also the only band I’ve seen who didn’t get pissy when fans got on stage. They would headbang right along with them. The crowd’s support and interaction made the performance so much more fun.

So the show was filled with some nasty thrash, predominant solos, real moshing (finally), and a joyous response. Sounds like a good show? Well it was. If you haven’t caught them on their headlining Unnatural Selection tour, do it if it’s coming anywhere near you. Havok is a performance you can’t miss. Now enjoy seeing this extremely drunk picture of Sanchez and me.


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