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HATE – Tremendum (2017)


Forming 27 years ago, HATE has been contributing their Blackened Death Metal blasphemy to the Polish Metal scene, and to metal fans across the world. With nine full-length albums total to their discography, HATE will be releasing their tenth full-length album entitled, Tremendum ”via Napalm Records on May 5th.

Although it’s only been a couple of years since HATE’s latest album entitled, Crusade:Zero,  I am sure fans are ready for this new, and heavy as always album from one of Poland’s best bands. Even though HATE get a lot of hate (no pun intended), for sounding too similar to Behemoth, and even being called copycats of the also great Blackened Death Metal band, who are also from Poland, I personally believe they are amazing. I remember when I first got into HATE, I believe a couple years ago, I liked them better than Behemoth, however, I am a huge fan of both bands. Sinner’s vocals remind me of Orion of Behemoth/Vesania, and Piotr of Vader’s vocals. Poland has some great bands, huh?!

Anyway, back to HATE and their incredible new album. Tremendum opens with a great track entitled, “Asuric Being.” I love that it’s not just some short opening intro, but starts out with an atmospheric sound and a cool sounding drum fill from Pavulon, keeping an intro type of vibe. The track quickly transforms into a killer of a song with catchy riffs, brutal vocals (as always of course), and has a short, but awesome guitar solo. The song ends with a guitar ringing out, which makes it a smooth transition into the second song, “Indestructible Pillar,” which opens with a catchy riff.

Having seen the teaser video for “Numinosum,” I can say that I was happy to hear the song. Since the music video takes place in the woods, the song seems to have the elements needed to add to the atmospheric feel of the setting with some melodic sounding riffs. But it also has the harshness needed to contribute to the overall meaning of the song, and what takes place in the video. From what the teaser shows, it looks like there may be a ritual that takes place, by a cult that’s lead by an elderly man. Maybe the elderly man is the character that portrays what a “Numinosum” is? Either way, I feel like the overall sound of the music will go greatly with the music video.

Although I enjoyed every song prior, with the catchy riffs, good guitar solos, bad ass sounding drums and vocals, “Sea of Rubble,” seemed to be the song I enjoyed the most out of the whole album. It easily was very memorable to me, as I remember the riffs and lyrics to that song the most, and I find myself going back and repeating it over and over again. (I have it playing right now while I type this).

Tremendum ends with a bonus track called, “Hearts of Steel,” however, we weren’t given the bonus track to listen to. So for now, the album ends for me with the longest song on the album called, “Walk Through Fire.” At first, I was disappointed that the song seemed to just end suddenly, but then I found out that it’s technically not the last album on the song since Hearts of Steel comes afterward. So maybe the sudden cut off the sounding end to the song is how it transitions into the bonus track? I’m curious to find out and look forward to hearing Hearts of Steel! I encourage all HATE fans to pre-order this awesome album.

Rating: ★★★★★


Asuric Being
Indestructible Pillar
Svarog’s Mountain
Fidelis ad Mortem
Into Burning Gehenna
Sea of Rubble
Walk Through Fire
Hearts of Steel (Bonus track)

Genre: Blackened Death Metal

Record Label: Napalm Records

Playing Time: 49:49


Sinner – vocal & guitar
Pavulon – drums
Apeiron – bass (session)
Domin – guitar (session)



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