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Hate Eternal – Infernus (2015)



Hardly anything can stand up to the beast that is Hate Eternal. They continue to grow stronger with every album, and that is no exception with Infernus. Complete with sharp musicianship and a killing edge, Hate Eternal is ready to exterminate the human race. We all know Hate Eternal is a name everyone can remember, but this album will put them in their death metal legacy.

The album begins with Locust Swarm. It sounds like pure unadulterated death. This song immediately attacks you. Hearing insane drumming and obliterating growls at the song’s start, this track will enact energy in any listener. The brutality continues as the drumming becomes more choppy and the riffing becomes faster. The bass picks up, biting the intoxicating low tone into flesh. The rest of the song follows in an annihilating rhythm.

If Locust Swarm is about death, then The Stygian Deep is the afterlife. A more slow and wavy song, an atmosphere of bleak darkness surrounds this song. The only thing that intrudes this atmosphere is the piercing solos. The song becomes a lot more choppy; this unpredictable feel will gain anyone’s attention. With the violence penetrating more slowly, this allows the song to become more intense than it was before.

La Tempestad is the craziest song on the album. The song itself sounds like fear and suffering, but the complex musicianship gives this iconic band a whole new meaning. The murdering riffs also give way to an inhumane vigorous feel. Overall, hardly any songs compare to the monstrosity of this song.

The next song Infernus is completely different. While La Tempestad was based on destruction, Infernus is based on slowly eating away of the soul. The title track starts off with easy riffing and deep growls. The rest of the band joins in, and forms this scorching fire that eats all life alive. With heavy tones and rapid drumming, the flames spread even further. A deep bass tone is met with rough drumming, and the riffing condemns agony. The playing becomes continually technical, then shifts dramatically to a melodic-style ending.

Zealot, Crusader Of War is the song all listeners can get into. The embodiment of the classic death metal song, it has just the right amount of technicality and the right amount of evil. Growling vocals complete this classic medley of a death metal nightmare. And of couse, a sick solo thrown right into the middle. There isn’t much out there that says Tampa death metal like Hate Eternal, and this song is a perfect example.

Out of all of the songs on this album, Chaos Theory is the most well-written. It feels like every kink and twist in the progressive songwriting is meant to be there. Whether it’s a random guitar part or a crunching bass riff, it has a place. This song is so unpredictable to where you begin to accept the insanity and realize there is no way you can truly know what’s going on. And that’s why this song is awesome!

The last song is O Majestic Being, Hear My Call. This is the perfect song to end this album because it sums up all elements Hate Eternal has used. Whether it’s their demolishing sound,  a morbid atmosphere, complexity, heaviness, old-school or progressive this song has all the best parts about death metal in one track. It will reaffirm you why you love Hate Eternal. Overall, Hate Eternal ended this album in a flawless way.

Infernus is a maniacal monster that has finally unleashed to the world. Hate Eternal doesn’t change drastically, rather they grow as a band and it’s evident with each album they produce. This will surely be a favorite for Hate Eternal fans. With a combination of warlike tones and well-constructed songwriting, Hate Eternal is a tough force to reckon with. And this is why Hate Eternal has remained legendary.



1. Locust Swarm
2. The Stygian Deep
3. Pathogenic Apathy
4. La Tempestad
5. Infernus
6. The Chosen One
7. Zealot, Crusader of War
8. Order of the Arcane Scripture
9. Chaos Theory
10. O Majestic Being, Hear My Call

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Season of Mist

Playing Time: 46 Minutes

Line up:

Erik Rutan – Vocals / Guitars
J.J Hrubovcak – Bass / Backing Vocals
Chason Westmoreland – Drums


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