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Hate Eternal at State Theater St. Petersburg, FL (11/24/15)



To say that Hate Eternal is a good live band is an understatement. With a fifteen year existence, this beast curled its claws around St. Petersburg, Florida. On November 24 State Theater hosted this intense performance. While their material is aggressive on recording, when it’s played live it truly bites into flesh; every note pounds into your eardrums and fills you up whole.

While their musicianship is technical, Hate Eternal has that illimitable groveling atmosphere that’s only perfectly captured live. And to capture this atmosphere in St. Petersburg, the pungent counterpart of Tampa, was only too fitting.

Hearing songs off of their newest album Infernus was ravaging. The Locust Swarm attacked you with each galloping blast beat and blaring riff. The Stygian Deep encompassed so much energy the crowd completely annihilated. The Infernus title track is a brutal song, but played live it roars into life ripping the crowd to shreds. And every low tone in Zealot, Crusader of War sounded intoxicating.

Hate Eternal also included material off of their older albums. The material sounded especially evil from one of my personal favorite albums I, Monarch. The I, Monarch title track pierced you right down to the bone from that gnarly guitar intro all the way to the last blast beat. Behold Judas conveyed pure death, mending the insanity from every inhuman technique with a copious amount of fury. Other songs such as Praise of the Almighty sounded grimy, with each blast beat and solo demolishing the crowd. And everything sounded perfect in King of all Kings, from the chops to the furious shredding.

Hate Eternal had the attention of St. Petersburg, Florida. For a Tuesday night, that didn’t stop Hate Eternal from going crazy. Hate Eternal is known to mix complex musicianship with a raging atmosphere. But you can only get the true Hate Eternal experience live, as each wall of the venue held so much vigor that night. Hate Eternal was a monster, and hardly any band can compare.

Photos: Hate Eternal at State Theater (St Petersburg, FL 11/24/15)


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