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Hansi Kürsch & Frederik Ehmke of Blind Guardian discussed touring & Beyond The Red Mirror


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The name Blind Guardian does not only describe one of the forefathers of German power metal, but a whole institution within the genre, this band have written the most incredible power metal anthems in history (Valhalla, The Bard Song, Mirror, Mirror), and they still going strong to this day.

Blind Guardian early this year released one of the best power metal albums this year, if not by far the best of them all. Beyond The Red Mirror is not only epic on musicalization, lyrical content, and having that old magic that every album this Teutonic wizards have created have. The album represents a form of revitalization to Blind Guardian and to the genre itself, and that is what I was looking forward to hearing and experiencing at a Blind Guardian show.

Blind Guardian announced their return to North American soil early this year after five long and cold winters, the expectation from the fans was great, and the desire to listen to the new songs live was intense. But they came, they conquered, and they delivered an amazing show.
After hundreds of shows, I was able to scratch the Blind Guardian name from the list of bands I want to see. They didn’t come alone, they brought with them another German Metal institution known as Grave Digger, which doubled the appealing of the bill, and delivered a powerful show.

The people were early at the doors at The Marquee, and their numbers were great for a Sunday night show, I guess after five years between shows you don’t want to miss out. After a great set by Grave Digger, Blind Guardian took the stage around 9 pm. There were many songs among the ones I have dreamed of seeing live, but they played all  of them. From Nightfall, Tanelorn, Lord of The Rings, Time Stands Still, Bright Eyes, Silence, Sacred, Valhalla, Last Candle, The Bard Song and Mirror Mirror all the way to Twilight Of The Gods, The Night Wave and Prophecies these three out of Beyond The Red Mirror.

It was a night to remember that now it felt like a second, their showmanship and musicianship was impeccable and immense, I was so glad I had the chance to experience something so deep, so magical, so special. Blind Guardian not only played a show, they show us how power metal is done, and why they have been at the vanguard of the genre for so many years.

Before the show The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Hansi Kürsch (vocals) & Frederik Ehmke (drums) of Blind Guardian about their North American tour, Beyond The Red Mirror, their legacy, and Hansi gave us an update on the Demons & Wizards project.

Photos: Blind Guardian at Marquee Theater (Tempe, AZ 11/22/15)


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