May 22

Hannes Van Dahl of Sabaton discussed US tour and parenthood.


There is no doubt that Sabaton is one of the busiest and most successful heavy metal bands out there, after conquering the European continent at the beginning of the year, they are currently completing their second US tour in less than a year. 

Since Sabaton came to the US for the first time in 2010, they have rarely skipped a year from touring the US, and their hard work, perseverance, and faith on the American crowds have paid off as the band is now on a headlining level. Last week we had the chance to see once again Sabaton delivering a powerful and fun show at Marquee Theater here in Tempe, AZ.

For some reason, this show seemed bigger than any of the shows they have played here before, maybe because they had more props on stage than before or maybe because the new songs sounded tighter live. Anyway, the presence of Battle Beast and Leaves Eyes gave the evening an air of European festival, as both bands did an amazing work warming out the crowd. 

Sabaton‘s show was a bit different this time as the focus seems to be on their new album The Last Stand, from which they played Sparta, Blood of Bannockburn, The Lost Battalion, Shiroyama, The Last Stand and Winged Hussars. Their party also included songs like Resist and Bite, Night Witches, To Hell And Back, Carolus Rex, Far From Fame and the now classics Ghost Division and Primo Victoria. There were two songs that I was glad were back on the set list. Attero Dominatus and Screaming Eagles.

Overall it was an amazing show that gets better and better with every tour, I really hope that next time we could see a bit more of the production they use for their European tours, like the two tanks besides Hannes‘ drums. 

Before the show we got the chance to speak with drummer Hannes Van Dahl about bringing that European production to the US, the response towards The Last Stand, his new role as a parent, and Sabaton‘s upcoming symphonic show at Masters of Rock in the Czech Republic this summer. 

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