Jun 08

Hammerfall – Infected (2011)


Power metal bands are regularly associated with tales of knights, kings and epic battles but Swedish metallers Hammerfall had change that with their new release titled Infected, a concept album where the characters are zombies, a horde of undead that ramble free around the tracks of the album.

Infected opens with Patient Zero a song that describe the virus that attacks the human beings that soon became the undead that begin to devastate the cities and transform their habitants in walking corpses, follow by Bang Your Head, which in the traditional style of Hammerfall, is an allegory to the heavy metal movement and the passion that we, those who listen to it feel every time that we listen the guitar riffs. One More Time brings us back to the zombie apocalypse presented by Hammerfall as their interpretation of the end of times. Continuing with The Outlaw a fast past track that tells another story of adventure in long-lost lands, followed by Dia De Los Muertos (day of the dead) a song that exalts the Mexican tradition to celebrate the dead every 1st of November, indeed a great song that the Hispanic fan base of Hammerfall would like to hear live some time. 666 – The Enemy Within is a track about the symbolism of the 666 and its relation with evil, Immortalized is a deep look to the story of the prince of darkness and his impact in social imaginary. Redemption is a great melodic and slow track in which is appreciate the talent of Oskar Dronjak and Pontus Norgren Hammerfall’s axe men.

The 9th studio album of Hammerfall is indeed something different to what the band has used to their fans, the zombie part gives the album a different perspective. But not only the concept is new, the band also has grown musically and technically without leave the signature sound that made them the Templars of metal and one of the most important band in the power metal scene.

Power Tracks: One More Time, Bang Your Head, The Outlaw, Dia De Los Muertos, 666 – The Enemy Within

Slow Tracks: Patient Zero, Send Me A Sign, Let’s Get It On, Immortalized


Patient Zero
Bang Your Head
One More Time
The Outlaw
Send Me A Sign
Dia De Los Muertos
I Refuse
666 – The Enemy Within
Let’s Get It On


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