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Hammerfall – Gates Of Dalhalla Live (2013)


Hammerfall - Gates Of Dalhalla - Artwork

The Templars of metal, Hammerfall have returned with a spectacular live DVD/2CD titled Gates of Dalhalla to commemorate their 15th years of musical career. Recorded at the Dalhalla stage in the small village of Rättvik, Sweden.

Gates Of Dalhalla, is an epic 2 hours and 20 minute performance that covered the band’s eight studio albums and encompassed Hammerfall‘s legacy as the first band that resurrect the power metal scene back in the 90’s (you know when grunge used to rule the world). For this occasion the metal Templars called out some of their friends and old band mates like Jesper Strömblad (The Resistance, Dimension Zero, ex-In Flames & Ceremonial Oath), who was once part of the band as guitar player, Mikael Stanne (Dark Tranquility) who was the first vocalist of Hammerfall on their early stages, Stefan Elmgren who was also guitar player of Hammerfall, and Team Cans, the choir project directed by Joacim Cans.

The set list for this show was a special one of course, including timeless classics like Hammerfall, The Dragon Lies Bleeding, and Steel Meets Steel. Greatest hits like Let The Hammer Fall, Hearts Of Fire, Blood Bound, Glory To The Brave & Riders Of The Storm also were on the list.

Overall, Gates Of Dalhalla is not only some concert recorded in a strange venue in a small Swedish village. No, this DVD is the testament of a band that have prevailed the test of time, and that became the resurrection of a genre when many believed was dead. Then, along came Hammerfall, a small band from Sweden dressed like Judas Priest, carrying old banners from ancient times, and chanting new hymns about metal. Little we knew that with time they would become the first of a new line of power metal bands that impacted a whole new generation of metal heads years later.

Hammerfall 1


01. Patient Zero
02. Heeding The Call
03. Any Means Necessary
04. B.Y.H.
05. Riders Of The Storm
06. Let’s Get It On
07. Crimson Thunder
08. Renegade
09. Blood Bound (special guest: Stefan Elmgren)
10. Last Man Standing (special guest: Stefan Elmgren)
11. Fury Of The Wild (special guest: Stefan Elmgren)
12. Drum Solo: Anders Johansson
13. Always Will Be
14. Dia De Los Muertos
15. Steel Meets Steel (special guest: Mikael Stanne)
16. Threshold
17. The Dragon Lies Bleeding (special guest: Jesper Strömblad)
18. Let The Hammer Fall
19. När Vindarna Viskar Mitt Namn (special guest: Roger Pontare)
20. Something For The Ages
21. The Templar Flame
22. Oh Fortuna (special guest: Team Cans)
23. Glory To The Brave (special guest: Team Cans)
24. One More Time (special guest: Team Cans)
25. Hammerfall
26. Hearts On Fire (featuring all special guests)

Genre: Power Metal

Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 145 minutes



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