Oct 23

Gypsyhawk talks to The Age of Metal


Ahh, Gypsyhawk. One of the up and coming bands that consist of this rebirth of the old ways of the metal guard. Sex? Check. Drugs? Check. Rock and Roll? In spades. As I mentioned before, their new album, Revelry and Resilience, has a lot of “we actually care about this kind of music” in it, which sets them apart from many other bands of the genre. I also mentioned how much fun I imagined seeing them live would be – and it turns out I was right. I honestly believe they have a large chance of stealing the show. They’re also pretty funny dudes to interview. Read on to listen to our interview.

We talked to Ian Brown and Eric Kluiber of Gypsyhawk during a small show they played in town a few weeks back, where we talked about the alliteration in their song titles, their upcoming tour with The Sword, and quality beer. The interview is below.

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