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Gus G of Firewind & Ozzy Osbourne checked in with The Age Of Metal



When you talk about Firewind you are referring to one of the most prominent and talented bands that Greece have produced in the last 10 years.

Where to start with Firewind? First their style breaks them apart from the regular power metal band, these Greeks know how to transform their sound without compromise their already established trademark. That is reflected not only on their seven studio albums that they had put out, but in the way Gus G (guitarist and founding member of the band) infused new musical perspectives at the time to play the guitar in Firewind.

Even though I knew the music of Firewind, I was blown away by their live performance at the 910 Live club in Tempe, AZ last Tuesday February 25th. It was the first I saw the band because for some odd reason I have missed them before, or they just were not playing here while on tour. One thing that called my attention was their new touring singer Kelly Sundown Carpenter (Adagio/Epysode) Whose voice I dare to compare to a baby between Jorn Lande (Jorn/Masterplan) and Russell Allen (Symphony X/Adrenaline Mob) just powerful and enchanting. Indeed and great choice at the time to pick a singer with such short notice after the departure of long time singer Apollo Papathanasio

Their show was really diverse, fun and as energetic as you can get in an open venue with 44 degrees outside (I know that is strange for AZ by this time of the year). Firewind played a really solid mix of old songs (Destination Forever, I Am The Anger, Insanity, Falling To Pieces  and The Fire and The Fury), some of their more contemporary material (Head Up High, Mercenary Man and World Of Fire) and of course new songs (Wall Of Sound, Losing My Mind, and Few Against Many).

The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Gus G hours before the show. We talked about the tour, Few Against ManyKelly Sundown Carpenter, their upcoming live album, and much more.


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