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Guillermo Izquierdo of Angelus Apatrida talked to us about the new album Hidden Evolution and the extreme metal scene in Spain.



Angelus Apatrida is an Spanish thrash metal band that begun their musical career in the early 2000’s and now is releasing their fifth studio album titled, Hidden Evolution. Angelus Apatrida has along with bands like Municipal Waste, Lost Society, and Evile revamped the thrash metal genre since the last decade, Angelus Apatrida have developed their own brew of thrash metal that doesn’t compare with the bay area or the teutonic style, even though they have received both influences.

On Hidden Evolution we can see a more mature and a more professional sound compared with what they presented on their previous album The Call (2012), and its obvious that a band has to grow to be considered a place among the current roster of bands touring Europe these days. Hidden Evolution is not only rich musically, but its also relevant on the social context of its lyrics as is the channel of expression of a generation plagued with social, racial, and religious issues.

With Hidden Evolution, Angelus Apatrida steps into a larger international spotlight, they are not angry kids doing angry music, they are angry kids doing driven and conscious angry music. Guillermo Izquierdo guitar player of Angelus Apatrida discussed with us the ideas on Hidden Evolution, the thrash metal movement, and gave us a glimpse of the Spanish metal scene.

ANGELUS APATRIDA Album Release Shows
22.01.2015 Madrid (Spain) – Sala Penelope
23.01.2015 Barcelona (Spain) – Sala Bóveda
24.01.2015 Valencia (Spain) – Sala Rock City

11.02.2015 Aachen (Germany) – Musikbunker
12.02.2015 Breda (The Netherlands) – Mezz
13.02.2015 Aarschot (Belgium) – De Klinker
14.02.2015 Essen (Germany) – Turock
15.02.2015 Leeuwarden (The Netherlands) – Romein
16.02.2015 Osnabrück (Germany) – Bastard Club
17.02.2015 Hamburg (Germany) – Marx
18.02.2015 Berlin (Germany) – K17
19.02.2015 Warsaw (Poland) – Progresja
20.02.2015 Cracow (Poland) – Fabryka
21.02.2015 Zlin (Czech Republic) – Masters Of Rock Cafe
22.02.2015 Vienna (Austria) – Viper Room
24.02.2015 Kosice (Slovakia) – Colloseum Club
25.02.2015 Budapest (Hungary) – Durer Kert
26.02.2015 Ljubljana (Slovenia) – Orto Bar
27.02.2015 Sarajevo (Bosnia And Herzegovina) – Club Sloga
28.02.2015 Beograd (Serbia) – Dom Omladine
01.03.2015 Zagreb (Croatia) – TBA
03.03.2015 Bratislava (Slovakia) – TBA
04.03.2015 Graz (Austria) – TBA
05.03.2015 Milano (Italy) – Blue Rose Saloon
06.03.2015 München (Germany) – Backstage – Halle
07.03.2015 Lenzburg (Switzerland) – Met Bar
08.03.2015 Toulouse (France) – TBA
10.03.2015 Barcelona (Spain) – Razz2
11.03.2015 Murcia (Spain) – Garaje
12.03.2015 Madrid (Spain) – Shoko
14.03.2015 Nice (France) – Alterax
15.03.3015 Paris (France) – Glazart
17.03.2015 Weinheim (Germany) – Cafe Zentral
18.03.2015 Aalen (Germany) – Rock it
19.03.2015 Dornbirn (Austria) – TBA
20.03.2015 Nürnberg (Germany) – TBA
21.03.2015 Leipzig (Germany) – Hellraiser
22.03.2015 Köln (Germany) – MTC



TAOM: Hey Guillermo, how are you?

Guillermo Izquierdo: Good, pretty good.

TAOM: Hidden Evolution is the 5th studio album of Angelus Apatrida, how was the recording process of this album this time around?

GI: We really enjoyed the recording sessions as everything was so easy, and I think that was because all this year’s experiences, not only recording but touring a lot. I think we became more professional in some ways, and we are really happy with the result of the album. For the first time I felt something like a premonition that this time we really did it, because with the other albums maybe they were more personal or maybe they were a bit weird. I think everything behind this new album has caused really good impressions and good things about that, and we are really happy with that. And all the people working with the band, the label, management, all of them are really happy as well with that.

TAOM: What was the inspiration for this record lyrically speaking?

GI: I would said that we always write about social issues, and think that we really care about, things that happen a lot, happens with friends and family, happens to the country, and to the world, things we don’t like. This year things were so fucked up, not only in our country (Spain), but in the whole European Union and the world. I always have themes to write about, there is for example a song that I wrote about he situation in Spain with that fake democracy we got here since the dictatorship happened here, and its been more than 40 years and you see that things are not changing, everything is going for the rich people, or the large corporations and companies, having a really fuck up government that is not solving anything and trying to keep people on a leash. That is what the song Immortal talks about, there it seems it’s an immortal dictatorship ruling here, like the shadow of Franco still lives here.
Since we are just normal people, we can’t do nothing that can change the policies and regulations. So, what we can do is write about that and express it in our music, because it’s a way to escape all that anger and rage that you are keeping inside of you, Since I am trying to be a better person I prefer to spit all that on the shows and the lyrics.

TAOM: The album was produced by Daniel Cardozo, who had worked with Angelus Apatrida on the last two records as well, How was the experience this time around?

GI: We meet Daniel Cardozo almost 4 years ago when we were searching for a new studio for The Call our second album with Century Media, we heard about this guy, a very famous portuguese guy here in Spain, and we never heard about him before, we checked his studio and all the work he was doing, and it was something we needed to do, working with someone who is not spanish, someone who doesn’t know anything about the band, and try to make a new sound for the band, because we were looking for something like that. The first two albums were self-financed & self-produced, and we just need it to be more professional since we didn’t find something good for us. So, we contacted Daniel and start working with him, and we discovered that he was a really nice guy, and he really love the band and the sound of the band, Daniel Cardozo started to be part of the band, like one more member. With this new album we decided to contact him again, and he was so pleased to work with us again. He was always bringing new ideas that we really liked, I think it was the best choice to keep up working with Daniel.

TAOM: So how did Daniel became this essential to create Angelus Apatrida‘s music?

GI: He got all our trust and confidence like it he was your best friend that we can tell on his face; ‘Dude this is a fucking shit, I don’t like this, let’s do it again. For him is same, he can look you in the eye and tell you; ‘You were playing shit, this lyrics are shit, this vocals are shit.’ We got all the confidence, with other producers you won’t have that kind of trust and confidence to say that, maybe you will be a bit shy to say that. That is why is so easy working with him, because we listen to him, and he listen to us.

TAOM: What happened on Hidden Evolution that didn’t happen on The Call?

GI: Very difficult question, like I mentioned before we always try to do our best, and when we were recording the new album. Since I am Spanish, I am not a perfect english speaker, I try to improve myself by learning more and more English, try to improve my pronunciation. For example, that is something that Daniel Cardozo helps me a lot with the English pronunciation and all that stuff.
I think the sound on Hidden Evolution is more professional, because when we are recording a new album or composing new songs we don’t think about what we want we just let or creativity just flow free. Maybe on The Call we were more focus on trying to make faster songs, and the situation in those days was forcing us to make other kind of music, this time we were relaxed and the creativity was better than other times.

TAOM: We often hear about bands like Mago De Oz or Angeles Del Infierno bands that represent the heavy metal scene in Spain, but how is the other side of it, the extreme metal scene in Spain?

GI: Yeah, that is a question we got from people a lot. What is happening in Spain?, how is the metal scene?, as they are not many bands touring all over the world. The thing with bands like Mago De Oz or Angeles Del Infierno is that they had become very big here in Spain, and its more easy for them to go for example to South America.
There is also a lot of things that had happened since the 80’s here in Spain that make a very special metal scene, because we got a huge metal scene in Spain. We even have a ‘inner scene’, there are bands that they don’t need to go out of Spain, because they are so big and so famous here that they don’t have to go to other countries, they just tour in Spain.
I think is a mix of a lot of things, specially since Franco died in 1975, and Spain of course was a fascist dictatorship, after that everything started to come to Spain, a lot of things that were forbidden because of the dictatorship, one of those was rock music. It was not easy in the 70’s to listen here to Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin, in the 80’s everything changed here, and I think everybody was so confused with everything.
The first heavy metal bands appearing in Spain like, Baron Rojo, Angeles Del Infierno, Obus, and all those bands they started to sing in spanish and using political and social lyrics because it was very hard times. So, I think that the Spanish people got used to that kind of bands singing in Spanish.
I remember when we started the band in 2000, there were not so many bands singing in English for example, and of course no bands doing extreme heavy metal, there were a lot of bands playing death metal, and they were very good around the end of the 90’s and the beginning of the 2000’s. Nowadays, we have a new generation of bands singing in English or even singing in Spanish that play very interesting music.

TAOM: Last year Angelus Apatrida played Japan, a lot of summer festivals, but when the US will have the chance to see Angelus Apatrida live?

GI: That is a very good question. I ask the same many times, we look forward to go to the states its like a dream. Specially for the influence that comes from there, since I was a child always had the dream to go to the USA, as I have never been there. Since we start to work with Century Media, and tour over Europe with most American bands, like Warbringer, Skeletonwitch, Havok, and even they all say to us; ‘You guys need to go to the US, because your kind of music there is awesome’. So, I think it’s a matter of time, its difficult for European bands, but we looking forward to do that. Like I said before, our friends on Havok for example they said; ‘you guys in the US, if you go, people will love you because you are kind of thrash metal, and that is very famous in the US’. So, lets see what happens in the future.

TAOM: Closing up, what is next for Angelus Apatrida after the release of the album, and the tour with Suicidal Angels & Dr Living Dead this February and March.

GI: The most important thing for us is touring I think that is the main essence of the band, touring with the band is our job and we are trying to make a living out of it. We are very lucky that we are a big band in Spain, we got our own crowds and we can headline our own shows here. So, we are gonna do a small headlining tour in Spain in January in Madrid, Barcelona & Valencia, after that we are going on tour with Suicidal Angels for like a month and a half. After that when we comeback to Spain I think we got some shows here in Spain as well, and we are already working for the summer festivals, and after that we will see what happens there is a lot of territories that we have never been, like Mexico, South America, the US. We would like to go again to Japan, and of course we would like to do a huge tour in Asia. So, let’s see what happens, we will try to do our best and take any opportunity we got for touring.

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