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Gruesome – Savage Land (2015)


12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Most people perceive Gruesome as a reinvented Death mashed up with an insane supergroup. This band is that, but so much more. Gruesome is its own monsters that bites its sharp fangs into brutal soloing and claws deep within complex composition. Each distinguished member delivers their most impressive work which pounds deep into the skull of the album. So listen to this album, and prepare for bloodshed and mass mutilation.

Gruesome introduces an unknown force right at the album’s beginning. Thrash-induced technicalities create an atmosphere unheard of to man. As the song continues, the instrumentals become slower – giving the listener hope that the insanity has ended. Suddenly, the excruciating solos come to attack; the speed and strength behind the playing is enough to annihilate any man. This immoral nature is only the beginning.

Trapped in Hell plummets you into a fiery fortress; rapid picking and harsh gutturals from Matt Harvey create the environment intended for complete malice. The composition changes from vigorous to complex throughout the song, yet the flames continue to scorch throughout the entirety of the track.

Hideous is one of the most relentless songs on the album. The intro riff is slow and brutal, enough to reel you in for the monstrosity ahead. A vile concoction of blistering solos and inhuman drumming is mixed with ulcerating melodies. This creation is the track Hideous: a pungent recipe intended to force the listener to decompose internally, rotting from the inside out. In short, it’s by far one of the malevolent tracks on the album.

The decay starts off with the track Gangrene. The drum intro is the first sign of disintegration. The punchy guitars then come in, and that’s when the violence truly begins. The melodic riffing mixes with the intricate drumming, and the skin starts to fall off piece by piece. Bone is exposed when the solo pounds in, and the vitality that ensures throughout the rest of the song will leave the listener lifeless.

The song Gruesome is titled as such because it perfectly describes the band. Immediate horror is struck as the opening riff is heard. The song moves in a way that each part jumps out at you: Harvey and Daniel Gonzalez emerge with crunching riffs while rattling drums grind their way through a convoluted writing structure. The pain then stops suddenly as the song ends. The album is over.

While I realize this is probably a project amidst the perpetually active members, I really hope death metal fans see more of this project. This material I’ve grown to like more than most bands whom are rising in the death metal genre. This band reinvents old school death metal in the way that its vulgar atmosphere is unmatched. This is one of the few bands combining lurid melodies that bash violently with technical composition, creating the formula for the ultimate death metal sound. 2015 has so far laid down its most annihilating album.

5 out of 5 Rating: ★★★★★



Savage Land
Trapped In Hell
Closed Casket
Psychic Twin

Genre: Death Metal

Record Label: Relapse Records

Playing Time: 37 Minutes


Daniel Gonzalez – Guitar
Matt Harvey – Vocals, guitar
Robin Mazen – Bass
Gus Rios – Drums, guitar



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