May 11

Gruesome – Dimensions of Horror EP (2016)


12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

When Gruesome first emerged in 2015, it’s safe to say the entirety of the metal community was stoked. A death metal supergroup taking influence from the iconic band Death? What isn’t there to be stoked about? Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise that this band is truly kicking off, and with the release of their newest EP Dimensions of Horror this band is ready for attack.

For this release, they take you back to the Scream Bloody Gore days, where everything was themed with horror and filled with groveling sounds. Even with this EP being short, there are so many grotesqueries packed into this release.

The first single released off of the EP is Forces of Death. Just like Death did, Gruesome begins the EP with a fast and violent song. Classic death metal influences of chugging riffs and rapid drumming immediately come into play. Lyrics such as “forces of death/taking your last breath” ring throughout the song. Gruesome even mastered Death’s writing process, using faster verses leading into a melodic chorus. Comparing to Savage Land, vocalist/guitarist Matt Harvey uses a deeper, more guttural vocal style matching Chuck Schuldiner’s from the Scream Bloody Gore album. Overall, it’s a very brutally delightful track to release as a single and begin the EP.

The next song is the second single, Raped by Darkness. This song shows more of Chuck’s thrash influence with speed all throughout the song. From first listen, you won’t be able to control this song’s power over you. From the vigorous intro to the heavy ending, this song will have you non-stop headbanging! Overall, the energy conveyed in this song reminds you of how death metal is supposed to sound.

Amputation sounds like the demon child of Death’s Mutilation. With its unforgettable chugging riffs matched with the repeated “Amputation” chant in the chorus, this reminds us that death metal today is just as intense as it was 30 years ago. But Gruesome added many elements to this classic style; this frame is complete with more melody added toward the end met with a solo brutal enough to slash you clean of flesh. In short, this song will strike you down and you’ll be more than happy to be a victim of the Amputation!

The EP ends with Dimensions of Horror. Starting with a riff that’s inspired by the Evil Dead track, this song gushes out brutal riffing and hard-hitting blast beats. Compared to Death’s classic material, this song is more dynamic featuring one of the catchiest melodies immediately after one of the sickest solos on the album. This song has a lot of twists and turns, but inevitably you’ll approach the horror in this labyrinth!

One of the many incredible qualities about Gruesome is how they’re very Death-inspired, but they still hold their unique sound. Any Death fan can pick up the Scream Bloody Gore influences, but there’s no mistaking Harvey’s roar or the grueling riffing of he and guitarist Daniel Gonzalez, as well as Robin Mazen’s low bass tones and drummer Gus Rios’ eruption of drumming. Their signature sound is one that can only be compared to gargling gravel: unique and, well, gruesome. In short, Gruesome has all of the elements of the old-school death metal sound but the death metal that is still so potent that it can drain you of blood. Dimensions of Horror is brutal enough to hack you to pieces, but everyone knows blood and gore makes for a great death metal album. So be sure to put on your raincoat because it’s going to be a messy ride!



Forces of Death
Raped by Darkness
Seven Doors
Dimensions of Horror

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Relapse Records

Playing Time: 18 Minutes


Matt Harvey – Vocals/Guitar
Daniel Gonzalez – Guitar
Robin Mazen – Bass
Gus Rios – Drums


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