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Graveworm – Ascending Hate (2015)


Graveworm 2015 coverart

Italy has never released a more chilling act than Graveworm. This iconic band recently released their new album Ascending Hate. While this album is a bit slow at times, it reminds us that Graveworm is back to conquer. But with the return of guitarist Stefan Unterpertinger there is no way for Graveworm to weaken. So let Graveworm take you on their morose journey through a world of lurking shadows and darkness. Let the music overtake you, and engulf you through their vile ways.

The album starts off with The Death Heritage. Starting off slow at first, it then erupts into an accelerated beast of a track. The doom influences is what keeps this song sane. The melodic keyboard tones give an eerie vibe to this song, and it is an interesting mix with the brutality of the drumming.

Blood Torture Death is one of those unique songs that is menacing by nature, yet contains so much beauty. The gutturals evoke a deleterious feeling, but the melody in the riffing takes this song on an unexpected journey.

To The Empire of Madness is a very eerie song. With inhuman sounding vocals and the atmospheric feel of the keyboards, anyone can feel like they’re being haunted. The only element to keep the brutality is the complex drumming.

Things start slowing down in the album with the song Downfall From Heavens. With the dark sounding chords and biting vocals, the first half of the album these factors strike the listener. But with repetition these once exciting elements not seem blurry. This song in particular introduces nothing that hasn’t been done. I just hope things get more maniacal during the last part of the album.

Things indeed pick back up again with the song Rise Again. If there’s one thing I love about melodic death metal is how captivating the mood becomes, and how that alone makes a song so much more catchy. Graveworm does this exact thing; whether it is the keyboards or the continuous riffing, but something in this song catches the listener. I had my doubts about this album, but I’m glad they were picked back up!

The album ends with Nocturnal Hymns Part II. Graveworm doesn’t hold back with ending this album with the bleakest song. The song itself sounds evil with piercing riffs and loud drums. The way that the verses and choruses intertwine is almost spellbinding. This song holds so much mystery; the fact that there’s always a part that stands out allows the listener to keep listening. There isn’t a much better way for Graveworm to end this album.

Graveworm has encountered hardship in the last few years, but they’re re-emerging more destructive than ever. Ascending Hate is our reminder to never forget this band. With their classic line-up and being an everlasting creative force, this band is here to stay. This album is pretty bland at times, but Graveworm were able to pick themselves back up to deliver a hard-hitting album. Let Graveworm spew more ghastly tunes your way!


The Death Heritage
Buried Alive
Blood Torture Death
To The Empire Of Madness
Downfall Of Heavens
Liars To The Lions
Rise Again
Son Of Lies
Nocturnal Hymns Part II (Death’s Anthem)

Genre: Death/Black Metal

Label: AFM Records

Playing Time: 55 Minutes


Stefano Fiori – vocals
Eric Righi – guitars
Stefan Unterpertinger – guitars
Florian Reiner – bass
Martin Innerbichler – drums



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