May 10

GRAVE DESECRATOR stream new track


Cult death/black metal horde GRAVE DESECRATOR are streaming another new track taken from their vicious forthcoming full length, ‘Dust to Lust’. The track, titled “A Witching Whore” is streaming here.

‘Dust to Lust’ features artwork from acclaimed artist Zbigniew Bielak (WATAIN, MAYHEM, GHOST, BEHEMOTH, and more) and will be released by Season of Mist worldwide on July 1. The track list can be found below, and pre-orders for the album are available at the official Season of Mist E-Shop.

GRAVE DESECRATOR previously streamed “Temple of Abominations” at No Clean Singing.

Regarding the new track, guitarist and vocalist Butcherazor comments:

“The track ‘A Witching Whore’ is based on a narrative about a mystical and unknown character from Rio de Janeiro in the XVIII Century, known as ‘Bárbara dos Prazeres’ (‘Barbara of the Delights’). She was probably an even more gruesome and bloody Brazilian version of the infamous Elizabeth Bathory. We are the first band to evoke Bárbara’s memory in music. She was a famous prostitute in Rio at the time, yet over the years she grew depraved. In witchcraft and black magic she found a possible solution to bring her once splendorous beauty back: virgin blood! Barbara was responsible for bloodbaths sacrificing hundreds of newborn children. We are musically expressing all the torments this woman carried out on her victims with harsh riffs dragged from a devastating foundation, an outstanding guitar solo, as well as highlights reflecting the apex of pain. Even most people living in Rio have not heard about this horrendous story. This veiled secrecy and dark contrast with open and ‘sunny’ Rio that most of you might associate with this city give the essential grey touch to this song. Embark onto this journey, where death is certain, but can come painfully slow.”

Track list:

1. Intro (Dust To Lust)
2. Temple Of Abominations
3. Funeral Mist
4. Gods Of Death
5. A Witching Whore
6. Host Desecration
7. Anathema Bloodlust
8. Bleed For Worship
9. Memento Mori
10. One More Soul
11. Mephistophallus In Occultopussy
12. Perpetual Oath

Regarding the artwork, Bielak comments:

“With all its contrasts, hostility, intolerance, corruption, Brazil has proven to be a time capsule for the mundane times of uniformity and facilitation, which nowadays render the western metal so tame and complacent. That being said, GRAVE DESECRATOR’s story is no different from the ones of SARCÓFAGO, SEPULTURA or even SLAYER in their tough formative ’80s. In rivers of rehearsal sweat and against all odds, album by album, they slowly polished their rough stone into a deadly blade. And now it is time to bleed. It is not easy to pinpoint the spirit of Brazilian extreme metal – it is a fine mixture of tanned sexuality and funerary sacrilege that only few could convey the way SARCÓFAGO or SEXTRASH did. These four derailed rovers of abomination and forbidden fun certainly can! It has been an honour to embark on this journey with them and for once illustrate a flawless 80’s album. I praise the old Brazilian scene and SARCÓFAGO’s ‘Rotting’ cover is among my favorite artworks of all time, so obviously the artwork for ‘Dust to Lust’ pays some homage here and there. The inner artwork is yet another tribute – to HR Giger, whose spirit strongly permeated the aesthetics 80’s metal, and about whose passing I learnt, while staying with the guys in Rio.”

Founded in 1998 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, GRAVE DESECRATOR have established a reputation as one of the most savage and brutal South American metal bands through the release of two full-length albums and several well-received splits (including much sought-after splits with ARCHGOAT and BLACK WITCHERY). Adhering to the extreme ways of their predecessors in Brazil, GRAVE DESECRATOR are true torch bearers of the underground, firmly placing themselves among the ranks of entities such as SARCOFAGO, early SEPULTURA, and MUTILATOR.

GRAVE DESECRATOR news and updates will be made available through the Season of Mist website, and the GRAVE DESECRATOR Facebook page.

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