Nov 15

Grand Supreme Blood Court – Bow Down Before The Blood Court (2012)


Is not doubt that our justice system is broken, and we can’t really fix it or patch things up. So a new system has to be put in place. Grand Supreme Blood Court is the answer to the call that our desperate society is making for order and justice. The band was born from the alliance between guitarist Eric Daniels (ex-Asphyx, Soulburn) and the members of his former band Asphyx, the main purpose of the band is delivering justice by bringing back the old death metal sound.

In the same vein of bands like Vallenfyre, Thulcandra or Evocation. Grand Supreme Blood Court (GSBC) is reviving that old sound that was the base for what we know as death metal. With that in mind, the band’s freshman album Bow Down Before The Blood Court bring all the characteristics of a dark, bloody and heavy record. It opens session with All Rise a pretty clear intent of what the trial is going to be about, a brutal vocal persecution, aggressive riffs and extreme metal. Bow Down Before The Blood Court can only be described as a violent track that would make its point across very quickly. Justice has arrived and this time it won’t be merciful. There Shall Not Be Acquaintance is a quick sentence, not prosecution, not testimonies, not proof, just time to die. Veredictum Sanguis, is just that a bloody verdict, the heavy riffs and the pounding drums have spoken. The sentence is death by Death Metal. Behead The Defence, is the least favorite track among lawyers. As their services are not longer need, and neither are their lives.

Grand Pain, is the most painful of all the sentence, it will be carried on by heavy riffs, pounding drums and growling vocals. Your ears will bleed until you are dead. Fed To The Boars, is just a new form of execution. A short trial, a quick and painful death. Circus Of Mass Torment, a fast  way to sentence those who committed unspeakable crimes, must be executed by unspeakable methods. Public Castration, one of my favorite punishments on this album. As the title self explained, is reserved for those twisted men that are accused of abominable acts. Piled Up For The Scavengers & And Thus The Billions Shall Burn are the last sentences of this trial that the GSBC presents to society as an example of the new justice system. Quick, painful, and bloody.

Grand Supreme Blood Court is the bringing back the old law of death metal, and Bow Down To The Blood Court is just the legal procedure by which this law will be implemented. Overall is the album, is fast, extremely heavy and right to the point. No technicalities or fancy maneuvers, just straight and in your face good old-fashioned death metal.


1. All Rise! (4:25)
2. Bow Down Before the Blood Court (3:46)
3. There Shall Be No acquaintance (3:30)
4. Veredictum Sanguis (5:04)
5. Behead the Defence (3:05)
6. Grand Justice, Grand Pain (Instrumental) (2:13)
7. Fed to the Boars (4:19)
8. Circus of Mass Torment (5:06)
9. Public Castration (3:05)
10. Piled Up for the Scavengers (4:20)
11. …And Thus the Billions Shall Burn (9:52)

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