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Grand Magus – Triumph And Power (2014)


Grand Magus - Triumph And Power - Artwork

This is the 7th Grand Magus’ studio album, following their masterpiece The Hunt. After fourteen years of activity, Grand Magus’ sound and style has come from rock’n roll to a more epic sound, experiencing interesting changes in Christoffersson’s vocals which is totally connected to the band’s evolution through the years.

This new release comes with a more rhythmic sound in a DIO and Manowar’s old style, without any pretension in their sound. Even when there exists a leg of the current Scandinavian music movement which apparently is going to the basics (Darkthrone, Chrome Division, I (Abbath’s side project), Therion, Nocturnal Breed, etc), Grand Magus always been in the basic side, in a good way, so in my opinion the band should pull away from this movement that seeks for music roots. This new album has a well-balanced sound, even when it is one of the less powerful records of the band, without affecting its quality. Anyways, it has the band’s trademark with a high potential to get their fans’ wink.

As other remarkable records like The Hunt, Hammer of the North, and Iron Will, the lyrics of this new album have a clear Scandinavian orientation, where paganism, epic themes, ancient wars, and anti-religion topics are the north of the band’s philosophical direction. This is a natural result of the Scandinavian culture which always remembers their historic treasures, and the losses yielded by Christianity in older times.

This record has some epic passages, powerful riffs and an overall dark sound, where guitar and bass are well synchronized along the drums. On Hooves Of Gold starts the album with a nice introduction and an interesting vocal job, Steel Versus Steel has a good synchrony among guitars and vocals in a compact sound. This sound holds throughout all the record in Fight, Triumph And Power, Dominator, Holmgång, The Naked And The Dead, and The Hammer Will Bite. Arv is a folk-based acoustic instrumental song which takes you to old times (it’s a good song to hear when watching night sky), and finally Ymer is a military-cadence song combined with some acoustic sounds that creates a dark atmosphere.

In general, Triumph And Power is an interesting record that follows the band’s style. Probably it is not their most powerful record, since sometimes you can feel a lack of some lead guitar sounds, more bass presence, and some cymbals’ usage, but still it is a good one. As their predecessors, this album is a heavy metal record plenty of powerful riffs, guitar solos, balanced drums, and a nice vocal job, which become the album into one of the good 2014’s starters. Definitely, we will have very nice metal parties listening this record along this year!!!

If you are a Grand Magus’s fan, or you like bands such as Manowar, DIO, Spiritual Beggars, Chrome Division, Darkthrone (last three albums), Argus (US), Candlemass, etc. Then Grand Magus fits into your taste. You will enjoy this record from start to finish, guaranteed!



01. On Hooves Of Gold
02. Steel Versus Steel
03. Fight
04. Triumph And Power
05. Dominator
06. Arv
07. Holmgång
08. The Naked And The Dead
09. Ymer
10. The Hammer Will Bite

Genre: Doom/Heavy Metal

Record Label: Nuclear Blast

Playing Time: 42 minutes

Line up:

JB – Vocals, Guitar
Fox – Bass
Sebastian – Drums



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