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Gorguts – Colored Sands (2013)


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It’s been twelve years since Gorguts released an album. In 2001 they released From Wisdom to Hate, an experimental masterpiece with a sound unheard of in death metal. This year they released Colored Sands. With this album they took the experimental extremes even further, incorporating orchestral effects and melodic choruses into the chaos known as Gorguts. Out of all of the comebacks in music, this was in the most impressive by far.

Gorguts was always known to be eccentric and fierce, characteristics that allowed this band to stand out. They went over-the-top with these descriptions in Colored Sands. An example is the disorderly instrumentals featured in the track An Ocean of Wisdom. Forgotten Arrows is by far one of my favorite songs. This track itself is unpredictable. It will shift from insanity blasting from the speakers to slow riffing. Each second into this track makes you grip for more; it’s truly one of the more addictive on the record.

Enemies of Compassion is one of the more heavier ones. The opening guitars itself sound evil; the spastic composition that ensues as the song plays makes this track truly heinous. Absconders is noteworthy for its ability to venture outside of the realms of a death metal song, and the beauty of its disparity will leave you breathless. Above all, Gorguts devised a record that’s remarkable in the sense that it pushes boundaries and leaves the listener begging for more.

Out of all of the major comebacks, Gorguts is the best. With Colored Sands, they proved they will always be one of the most notorious bands in death metal. The brilliance that is Colored Sands is one that’s unexpected, yet it’s expected that Gorguts will create nothing less than an outstanding album. Some people will say that Gorguts has improved. I think with their releases from 1991 to 2001, they were just getting started. Big things are going to come for Gorguts, and this is the Gorguts that will prove to be completely flawless.



1. Le toit du monde
2. An Ocean of Wisdom
3. Forgotten Arrows
4. Colored Sands
5. The Battle of Chamdo
6. Enemies of Compassion
7. Ember’s Voice
8. Absconders
9. Reduced to Silence

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Season of Mist

Playing Time: 61 minutes and 31 seconds


Luc Lemay: rhythm guitar, vocals
Kevin Hufnagel: lead guitar
Colin Marston: bass
John Longstreth: drums


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