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GoPro at NAMM 2016



Visiting the GoPro booth at NAMM 2016 was a whole experience in itself. Not only we got an inside of what GoPro is up to these days, but also, we talked about of how their products are used not only in extreme sports, but in music, and on people’s day life. 

At the GoPro booth, we touched upon four things basically, the new GoPro Karma drone, the latest GoPro Hero Session, GoPro Awards and GoPro for a Cause.

Karma Drone:


The Karma Drone seems to be the next frontier on GoPro‘s universe, as many drone manufacturers use their cameras to get a picture of the skies, it was about time that GoPro itself would develop their own drone. So far there are not pictures of the upcoming product, but it seems the company is confident in releasing it to the public within the next 6 months.

GoPro Hero Session 4SessionWith the release of their smallest product yet, GoPro pushes the boundaries of innovation with a sleek and versatile product that has same quality image and sound of its predecessors, but in a small and more compact presentation. GoPro Session 4 is waterproof, and it can be operated with only one button which makes it easy to operate. The size of this new camera doesn’t diminish their picture and video qualities from the other models.


GoPro Awards


Just like the Oscars in Hollywood, you are also able to create movies and make money out of it (maybe not Star Wars money, but it’s a start). Whether you are into extreme sports, surfing, music, video blogging or decided to tell the story of your vacations, you can submit your footage edited or raw to GoPro for the chance to win up to US $5000 for your video, not bad right.

GoPro For A Cause


It seems that we see more and more new companies out there sharing their success by helping and giving back to their communities, and it seems that GoPro has recently joined that club. They are currently working on a few programs, one of them is The Mauli Ola Foundation which is a foundation that got together to introduce surfing as a natural treatment for people with cystic fibrosis, and started to record their efforts with GoPro cameras, there are other programs like Bicycles Against Poverty, Oceanic Preservation Society, and the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. It’s good to see young companies looking out for children and the environment.

Even though this article is not metal related, it seems that GoPro is a tool that musicians from many styles are using to showcase their live performances, or to give us a more intimate point of view of their lives on and off stage.

The following profile at the GoPro booth at NAMM 2016 was recorded on a GoPro Hero 3 as part of our efforts to introduce GoPro into journalism.



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