May 13

Gloryhammer’s evil wizard Chris Bowes talked to The Age Of Metal



Three years had passed since Christopher Bowes of Alestorm announced his side power metal project, Gloryhammer. Since then the speculations about how this project would turn out, or what was the idea behind it have not stopped, and so far after the released of Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife their first album the opinions among fans still divided.

This new power metal adventure (skeptical, and bold in the eyes of many) was released upon the masses last March. And to tell the truth, you will like it or hate it, is almost no room for a gray area. The power chords, the voice, the cheese, and the epicness are all there. Songs like Magic Dragon, Hail To Crail, The Unicorn Invasion Of Dundee, or Angus McFife are there to be appreciated, headbanged at outrageous volume levels, and sang with all the power of your lungs. Or to be the target of hatred and grumpiness among those that don’t grasp the fun, and epic proportions of power metal. So for you members of the hating church, let me assure you that it will be Gloryhammer for years to come, so don’t unleash all your poison just yet.

The Age Of Metal had the pleasure (as always is) to chat with Christopher Bowes, the evil wizard behind Gloryhammer. We talked about the album, their first show, their next chapter, the haters, In and Out, and what is next for Gloryhammer and for Alestorm.


Interview with Christopher Bowes of Gloryhammer by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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