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Gloryhammer & Civil War at Dynamo Metal (Eindhoven, NL 01/22/18)


Many years after their debut Gloryhammer has become an international power metal phenomenon as they have conquered festivals and clubs around Europe and around the world. What started as a side project from Alestorm‘s main man, Chris Bowes, it has become a whole power metal cult that has reached the highest cheesiest power metal level ever. 

Gloryhammer‘s world arrived at Eindhoven, NL a couple of days ago as one of the two Dutch dates that the band added for this European tour. When we arrived at the Dynamo Metal venue located in the very heart of Eindhoven you could see the hordes of Hoots and goblins already looting the merch table and the line outside the main stage was already getting longer with each passing hour. 

The first band to open the night was Dendera from the UK who has been opening the show during this part of the tour. They delivered an interesting power metal proposal full of energy and immediately warmed the already anxious crowd who was packing the main stage waiting for the lords of Dundee. 

Civil War delivered an interesting show as they played a short but fulfilling set that included songs like; St. Patricks Day, Gettysburg, I Will Rule the Universe, Tombstone, Deliverance, Bay of Pigs and Rome Is Falling. The band now fronted by Kelly Sundown (Adagio, ex-Beyond Twilight) put a hell of a show as they seem to be really good chemistry live and are continually putting a simple but worth watching show that seemed to impressed the Dutch audience that enjoyed and sang along with them during some of their songs. 

The change around after the Civil War set was really fast that it felt like they just plug in a was ready to go. Since on this tour, Gloryhammer is playing the entire Space 1992: Rise Of The Chaos Wizards album they flowing of the show was a single party from beginning to end that also included an Angus McFife battle against a daring goblin that infiltrated the stage and the final showdown against the evil wizard Zargothrax that had early had put an ‘adreaded goblinitus’ spell on Angus who has to use the help of one of the Mighty Quest Lord Ulysses to carry throughout the show. 

Gloryhammer besides playing the entire Space 1992 album also played some of their most infamous anthems like; The Unicorn Invasion of Dundee, Magic Dragon, and Angus McFife. Overall the show itself became some sort of power metal party where everyone had a good time, drink lots of beers, sang along about space battles, dark evil wizards, goblins, and unicorns. I think I had never felt so comfortable at one of the most cheesiest heavy metal shows that I have ever witnessed. The only thing left to say don’t miss this tour if it comes to your town and HOOTS, HOOTS, HOOTS!!! 


Gloryhammer / Civil War / Dendera 
European Tour 2018

  • 04.01.18 Knust, Hamburg
  • 05.01.18 Musik & Frieden, Berlin
  • 06.01.18 Hellraiser, Leipzig
  • 08.01.18 Barba Negra, Budapest
  • 09.01.18 Explosiv, Graz
  • 10.01.18 Technikum, München, München
  • 11.01.18 Legend Club, Milano
  • 13.01.18 Razzmatazz 2, Barcelona
  • 14.01.18 Arena Madrid, Madrid
  • 16.01.18 Le Ferrailleur, Nantes
  • 17.01.18 Le Petit Bain, Paris
  • 19.01.18 Kammgarn, Kaiserslautern
  • 20.01.18 VAZ Pfarrheim Burglengenfeld, Burglengenfeld
  • 21.01.18 Club Cann, Stuttgart
  • 22.01.18 Dynamo Eindhoven, Eindhoven
  • 23.01.18 Tivoli, Bremen
  • 24.01.18 Willemeen, Arnheim
  • 25.01.18 Kubana, Siegburg
  • 26.01.18 Biebob, Vosselaar
  • 27.01.18 O2 Academy Islington, London

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