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Giant X – I (2013)


Giant X print

Giant X is the brainchild of Rolf Kasparek and Peter J. Jordan of Running Wild (you know, the well-known pirate power metal band). On this effort that is not a reflection of what their former band was. Rolf and Peter concentrated in a more rock and roll musical style for this project.

With influences like Queen, Kiss, Thin Lizzy and Van Halen. I the début album of Giant X is just a blast from the past with a modern touch. The album opens with; On A Blind Flight, a riff driven song that presents the voice of Rolf as more melodic that what he used to do on Running Wild. Don’t Quit Until Tomorrow is a very catchy song that uses some 80’s electronic effects which made it quite interesting and fun. Badland Blues, is a southern style song really full of cool bluesy riffs and interesting distortions, again the rock and roll influences puts the record on a different perspective. Now Or Never is a more rocking song full of melodic textures that shows the musical flexibility of the project.

Nameless Heroes, is one of those songs that really doesn’t look like done by the same guys of Running Wild, a really soft almost ballad that presents a totally new side on the voice of Rolf Kasparek. Go 4 It and The Count, are a couple of solid rock and roll tunes, full of energy, and fun to listen to. Rough Tide is a strong hard rock song that has this really amazing blues guitar sound. Friendly Fire, is a more of a low-end kind of psychedelic song in the vein of the early Van Halen works. Let’s Dance and Soul Survivors prove again how this record is just so different from what this guys had done in the past, is just rock and roll at its finest.

R.O.C.K closes this hard rock/rock & roll album that it is a surprise when you think about what Peter Jordan and Rolf Kasparek have done in the past with Running Wild. I the first album of Giant X is indeed a rock album that presents a soft and melodic side from the founders of pirate heavy metal. I am looking forward on what the project can deliver in terms of live performance, because something like Giant X is worth to see on the live stage.

GiantX 2 print


01. The Rise Of The Giant X (intro)
02. On A Blind Flight
03. Don’t Quit Till Tomorrow
04. Badland Blues
05. Now Or Never
06. Nameless Heroes
07. Go 4 It
08. The Count
09. Rough Ride
10. Friendly Fire
11. Let’s Dance
12. Soulsurvivors
13. R.O.C.K.

Genre: Rock/Hard Rock

Label: Steamhammer/SPV

Playing Time: 43:34



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