Aug 16

Georg Neuhauser of Serenity checks in with The Age Of Metal


Five months ago the Austrian progressive power metal band Serenity released their third full length album titled; Death & Legacy. A whole historical conceptual album from beginning to end, stories of discovery, science, power, inquisition and treason, featuring known characters like Christopher Columbus, Sir Francis Drake, Maria Stuart and others conform the stories behind this album. Death & Legacy also features duos of Georg Neuhauser vocalist of the band with the likes of Ailyn vocalist of Sirenia (The Chevalier & Prayer), Amanda Somerville who had work with bands like Epica, Kamelot and recently Avantasia (Changing Fate), and Charlotte Wessels vocalist of Delain (Serenade of Flames.)

Besides of the female duos, Death & Legacy retakes that classic power metal sound of the late 90’s and early 2000’s which make it a very epic and bombastic album, an example of this, are songs like: New Horizons, The Legacy and Far From Home. Overall Death & Legacy is one of the best releases of the year so far.

After the release, the band toured Europe supporting acts like Epica, Leaves Eyes, Midnattsol and Delain, and now they have been confirmed to replace Revamp on the upcoming Out Of The Dark Tour 2011, with bands like Van Canto, Tristania, Xandria and Amberian Dawn. A line up of luxury indeed. The Age Of Metal had the pleasure to talk with Georg Neuhauser about the album, their past tour and the upcoming Serenity plans, and this is what he told us.

Your latest album Death & Legacy has a highly historical content, what was the inspiration for it?

Death & Legacy also features  duets with Ailyn vocalist of Sirenia, Amanda Somerville of Avantasia, Epica & Kamelot, and Charlotte Wessels of Delain. how was the experience of work with this beautiful and talented women?

What would you say is the main difference between Fallen Sanctuary and Death & Legacy?

Last June Serenity finished a European tour supporting bands like Epica, Leaves Eyes, Midnattsol and Delain, how was the tour? and how was the response of the public to the new material?

Serenity would be headlining the End Of Summer Festival in Germany this year, what the fans can expect on this show

Are there any chances to see Serenity play in the US?

What is the next step on Serenity’s career?

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