Nov 06

Geoff Tate – King of Thieves (2012)


Geoff Tate the former frontman of Queensryche is releasing his second solo album “King of Thieves.”  Presently Geoff is no longer apart of Queensryche and is able to focus on his solo project.   His previous self titled album was released back in 2002.  This 11 track album is long been awaited by his fans with excitement to see what the amazing vocalist came up with.

“She Slipped Away,” is the first track off the album and of course it starts off with Geoff Tate’s memorizing voice.  As always the very seductive Geoff Tate’s voice is what makes any song he sings so great.  It’s a very calm mellow track but shows off his wide range in vocal cords.  “In The Dirt,” & “The Way I Roll” are much heavier rock & roll tracks with that romantic under tone.  Geoff also shows off his saxophone skills in parts of “The Way I Roll,” which is a nice personal touch added to the song.

Love songs have always been Geoff’s strength’s since his early days with Queensryche.  So of course you can expect a love tune on here & # 6 on the album is just that.  For all those ladies who always fallen in love with his lyrics & ability to melt your heart “Tomorrow,” is the track that’ll do it.  It’s not exactly a song that expresses love but makes you think of its value as its lyrics are “Love is not enough.”   “These Glory Days,” is a more up beat track that changes things up a bit with catchy drum beats and guitars.   “Change,” is an amazing song off the album.  Once again its a type of love song but that goes even deeper than that.  You can feel the raw emotion in it and when you really listen to it and understand all the lyrics you’ll get the deeper message that the song conveys.  The song ends with a very delicate sounding piano that was used as it’s intro which is was pretty.   The last track off the album “Waiting,” is very soft and somber that slowly fades away and brings the album to a close.

Geoff Tate’s new album was much different from his first solo album.  This one did not have the spanish styled guitar influences in the tracks.  King of Thieves was a mixture of soft rock songs and romantic love songs.  It was a good album very calm soothing to listen to and shows the singer has lots of innovation and even though his is no longer apart of Queensryche his solo career is yet to flourish.

Track list (personal picks*)

01. She Slipped Away*

02. Take A Bullet

03. In The Dirt

04. Say U Luv It

05. The Way I Roll*

06. Tomorrow

07. Evil

08. Dark Money

09. These Glory Days

10. Change*

11. Waiting


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