May 23

Gamma Ray – Skeletons & Majesties EP (2011)


Kai Haisen’s mega monster Gamma Ray returns with what we can call an update in what the band is doing now, a mini album composed by four tracks a bonus track and three different song versions, Skeletons and Majesties show the progress of Gamma Ray without leaving of course their power metal pioneers signature that is left in every work that the band had put out.

After 20 years out rolling Gamma Ray presents on Skeletons and Majesties a fun EP album that keep up with the humor that the band has, with a satyric open track titled Skeletons and Majesties that rants on political practices but that would never put Gamma Ray among political bands in the contrary they make fun of politics. Continuing with Brothers a new anthem about love for heavy metal and its importance as social current for some of us. Send Me A Sign is a great catchy song recreated in blues form that fits great with metallic riffs and that is part of Gamma Ray‘s humor. Rebellion In Dreamland is an acoustic ballad that it shows the musical diversity that the band has. Wannabees is a more modern sound track that still within power metal territory but that take its influence from European electronic music. The rest of the EP is full with different versions of tracks and closing with a Karaoke version of Rebellion In Dreamland with only backing vocals perfect for Haisen’s wannabees on metal monday nights. Overall the EP is just a taste of the fun that Haisen and company have doing power metal in different levels.

Power Tracks : Stand Your Ground, Brothers, Send Me a Sign

Slow Tracks : Rebellion In Dreamland, Wannabees

Track Listing:

1. Stand Your Ground
2. Brothers
3. Send Me a Sign
4. Rebellion In Dreamland
5. Wannabees
6. Brothers (extended)
7. Rebellion In Dreamland (karaoke version)

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