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Gamma Ray – Skeletons And Majesties Live (2012)


Another moment in time captured on audio and film.  German Metal band Gamma Ray is releasing “Skeletons & Majesties” which is an on double CD, Blu-ray and DVD pack.  The album & video feature footage of the band’s April 29, 2011 performance at the legendary Z7 in Pratteln, Switzerland.  This is an extra special set because on a few songs the band featured Michael Kiske (former frontman of Helloween) who sang some Helloween songs.

The two cds both have intros and if you’re not watching the dvd the set comes with you can just feel the energy from the crowd as soon as you hit play.  As always Gamma Ray sounds amazing, crisp recording, high pitch phenomenal vocals and shredding guitar solo’s.  What more can we ask for.   It’s incredible to hear Kai Hansen’s voice reach such high notes with perfect pitch so many years later, its like we’re still in the 80’s.  Listening through the both discs every song is great.  There are a few that definitely stand out because they are just above and beyond what you’d expect.

The beginning of the first cd starts off strong with “Anywhere In The Galaxy,” its killer fast and sounds great live.  “Wings Of Destiny” is definitely another track that stands out & of course their self titled song Gamma Ray or as Kai Hansen says Gamma Fucking Ray!  Rebellion In DreamlandSend Me A Sign are the last two on the album & were done acoustically.  It’s a different sound of course.  But still shows the song in a different style that is very interesting.  The second disc’s intro is pretty awesome.  It really shows how majestic they really are.  Again how could you not love the guitar on just about every song they’ve ever made.  Rise was a fantastic song featured on their set.  Finally to close off things off “Future World” featuring Michael Kiske.  Its like hearing Helloween the way it was ment to be with Kiske still as a frontman.  Again like Kai he’s conserved his voice over the years and does not disappoint. Its funny also because you get to hear the conversation between Kai & Kiske and the crowd singing along to them.

Over all Skeletons & Majesties was a nice cd and the best bonus of all is that they actually have a dvd to accompany it.  So this time not only when you hear the album you have to close your eyes and imagine whats going on but you can actually watch the dvd.  This concert was special because they featured Michael Kiske who personally is one of my favorite vocalist ever.  So over all this show recording was done amazing.  You get to hear the crowd interaction and all the instruments and vocals on the album were recorded exceptionally.  No distortion or any other sounds background sounds.  It’s a great asset to your collection to Gamma Ray Fans out there so totally pick this up.


Track List (personal picks*)


1. Welcome (Intro)

2. Anywhere In The Galaxy*

3. Men, Martians and Machines*

4. The Spirit

5. Wings Of Destiny

6. Farewell

7. Gamma Ray*

8. Money

9. Time To Break Free

10. Rebellion In Dreamland (Acoustic)

11. Send Me A Sign (Acoustic)



1. Induction

2. Dethrone Tyranny

3. Watcher In The Sky

4. Hold Your Ground

5. A While In Dreamland

6. Rise*

7. Brothers

8. Insurrection

9. Future World*


Genre: Power Metal

Label: earMusic

Playing Time: 114:24





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