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Full Terror Assault Review – Day 2



After spending my first night in a tent, it was finally time for the first official day of Full Terror Assault. I hung out with the Falkenburry’s and their camp mates until Dismemberment came on.

I saw this band back in Tampa a few months back, and I was really impressed with them. This brutal band delivered an annihilating set in Tampa, so it was no surprise to me that they played just as well in the woods. Everyone in the campgrounds crowded for their set, and even in the early afternoon there was plenty of headbanging and moshing. I even overheard some people saying they never heard of them and that they will check out more of their material. Overall, I’m sure Dismemberment is a band that will be returning to FTA!


Next up on my list was Starkill. I saw this band live for the first time on 70000 Tons of Metal and I was so impressed by their stage presence. I saw them in the running order and knew I had to watch their set again! These guys still brought an inhuman energy in the rather relaxing afternoon in the woods. Each member was running around on the stage, interacting with the crowd and doing all kinds of crazy moves. They played the National Rock Review stage; this stage is notable for having an extended platform in front of the stage. The best part of their set is when guitarist and vocalists Parker Jameson and Tony Keathley and bassist Shaun Andruchuk went on this platform and, well you see in the picture their super sick pose. No matter where they’re playing, Starkill is a must-see performance for everyone!

I was back and forth between bands for awhile, but the artist who caught my attention was Putrid Pile. It’s rare to see Shaun LaCanne perform his one-man act, but it’s pretty amazing seeing him be able to pull it off while he just has a mic and a guitar. I wasn’t too familiar with Putrid Pile until this performance, and now I hope I can be able to see LaCanne again.

Not very long after, Abigail Williams comes on the stage. They’re one of my favorite modern day black metal bands, and more specifically because of their live show. Something about this band compels so much vigor inside of me; it’s rare that one band alone provokes me that way. But this band got me headbanging throughout their set. As always frontman and guitarist, Ken Sorceron leads the band into the most unorthodox of depths. It was also awesome seeing Chason Westmoreland drumming for them, he’s one of my favorite drummers right now. Overall, Abigail Williams is never a band to disappoint!


Right after Abigail Williams I walk over and watch Rotten Sound. This was one of the bands I was most excited to see since I’ve never seen them live before. The kings of Finnish grind annihilated the stage. Their performance was full of brutality, so much to where these European fit in perfectly with the drunk American moshers. I just hope Rotten Sound makes it back to the states again!


Another band I was looking forward to seeing was Shining. The kings of depressive black metal have never made it to the States before, so being able to watch them in the dark and melancholy woods was an experience to behold. Even though they’re more heavy than brutal or violent, their stage presence was energetic and captivating. It’s rare I feel so connected with a band, but Shining exceeded any expectations I ever had of them. While vocalist Niklas Kvarforth is the defining member of the band, I was also entranced by guitarist Euge Valovirta who came out with impressive stage moves such as playing the guitar with his teeth. I just hope this isn’t the only time Shining is in the States.


Since Abigail Williams and Shining were supporting Belphegor in North America, it was no question that I would also be watching Belphegor. This is a band who has a mind-blowing live show. With cattle skulls and gas masks as their stage, Belphegor brings a unique energy to their show. Their trademark sexual and sadistic imagery correlates with black metal so perfectly, they’re definitely the most unique force in the genre. I was impressed when I first saw them live, so it was no question that their live set was still eye-popping at Full Terror Assault. Belphegor will always and forever be one of my favorite live performances.


The last band of the night was Origin. As much as I love the band and watching them play, it was pouring down rain. But even in the midst of the rainy night, the band didn’t stop playing and the crowd didn’t stop moving. I didn’t watch their whole set because I’m a wimp and ran and hid in my car, but these soaking wet men still played technical death metal in the midst of a storm, and because of that I will always have respect for this band.

And as my tent got soaked for the rest of the night and I slept in my car, I was sadly preparing myself for the final day of Full Terror Assault.

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