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Full Terror Assault Review – Day 1



Day 1 of the festival was very interesting. And that’s because most of the day was driving to the location, and getting lost on the drive. Here’s some background on the festival: Full Terror Assault is taken place in Cave-In-Rock, Illinois. This little town is in the area of Illinois that borders the states of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Missouri. It was cheaper for me to fly into Nashville, rent a car, and drive to the festival.

Well, I was on the interstate for awhile and had to take an exit where I drove all over the part of Illinois that borders the Ohio River. It sure wasn’t the most disappointing drive I took. It was extremely beautiful to see the river and lush green everywhere. But not surprisingly, it was a very desolate area. Every so often I would come across a house, and whoever was outside would wave at me. I’m a city girl, so the country attitude still shocks me, even though it’s met with good nature. Also being from Florida, we don’t have hills. And there were way too many hills on this drive. I could tell the locals were getting mad because they passed around my slow self because I was near having a panic attack each time I came across a huge hill.

And of course, my GPS took me to the wrong place. Fortunately, I had enough cell service to call my friend Darren Falkenburry; I was camping with him and his family, and he was nice enough to get me hooked up with everything I needed in order to park and stay in the campgrounds. And he helped me with directions — fortunately my GPS was only a few miles off so I made it to the camp in minutes.

Some background on the Hogrock Campgrounds: it’s notorious for hosting the Gathering of Juggalos and several biker rallies. It’s in the middle of nowhere, but is a camping lovers’ dream; right on the bank of the Ohio River, filled with large tree canopies, and the sky always looks beautiful.

So I go to the camp and immediately meet with the Falkenburrys. Darren had his two kids, Robert and Jessica, with him. Well, they’re not exactly “kids” and I was mainly hanging out with Jessica, especially since she’s only a few years younger than me. Along with Darren and his kids were his son’s girlfriend Winnie, and Darren’s friends John and Eric. They were all extremely nice and accommodating. I never camped before so half of them helped me pitch my tent and even lent me an air mattress because the one I brought wasn’t taking in air.

After everything was pitched and set up, I grabbed a well-deserved beer and walked to the show.

Thursday is the light day, and it’s when everyone is drinking and hanging out. There are several bands playing, and it’s a good chance to check out new bands. I could tell who the people were who went last year since they all knew each other. But the new people such as myself quickly started making new friends.

I watched a few bands, the one I really liked was Sexual Atrocities. But not very long after their set I met up with the Starkill guys (they arrived on Thursday and camped out until Saturday) and partied with them while going back and forth between their camp and watching bands. The rest of the bands I honestly can’t remember their names, but Thursday was the most brutal night of the whole festival with all of the delightful guttural death metal bands.

The first night was fun, but I was ready to sleep all of my driving away.


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