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Freak Kitchen – Cooking With Pagans (2014)



Swedish experimental metal trio, Freak Kitchen is about to release their 8th studio album this September, the new opus is titled, Cooking With Pagans. In this new album Freak Kitchen‘s music continuing being experimental, but somehow Cooking With Pagans is a more organic and unadulterated album with relation the material this band have released in the past.

Songs like Freak Of The Week, Sloopy, and Goody Goody (cover from the 1939 pop song hit composed by: Matty Malneck) are the spinal cord of this record. The songs are really full of swing and soul which made this album a fun ride, and not a over-elaborated or super technical machine. One interesting fact about Freak Kitchen on this record, is the fact that many of the songs in the record are critics to the over use of technology and the modern society addiction to social media. You can listen the echo of such criticism on songs like: (Saving Up For An) Anal Bleach or Sloopy.

Mathematics Of Defeat, could be described as the most progressive song in the record, the guitar work on this song is just amazing, really melodic, groovy, and dense at the same time. Hide and Ranks Of The Terrified are a couple of really trippy songs, where the level of melodic textures and references mocking technology on Hide for example are just off the chart. Really relaxing songs too, specially some of the jazzy parts on Ranks Of The Terrified

Come Back To Comeback sets the tone to the heavy core of the record, a good piece of dense guitar work and melodic riffs that once again represents the organic sound of Freak Kitchen on this album. Overall, this Swedish trio will provide you with an enjoyable 44 minutes of experimental rock, from funky riffs, to jazzy guitars. Definitely Cooking With Pagans is a record full of laughs and good times.

Freak Kitchen 5


1. Professional Help
2. Freak of the Week
3. Sloppy
4. Goody Goody
5. (Saving Up For An) Anal Bleach
6. Private Property
7. Mathematics of Defeat
8. I Don’t Want to Golf
9. Hide
10. Come Back to Comeback
11. Ranks of the Terrified
12. Once Upon a Time in Scandanaviastan

Genre: Experimental Metal/Heavy Metal

Record Label: Laser’s Edge

Playing time: 44 Minutes

Line Up:

Mattias “IA’ Eklundh / Guitar & Vocals
Björn Fryklund / Drums & Vocals
Christer Örtefors / Bass & Vocals


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