Aug 16

Fozzy – Sin and Bones (2012)


The first time I heard of Fozzy was back in 2006 when I heard the title track from their All That Remains album. I never kept up with Fozzy and in consequence I was unfamiliar with their stuff as the years went by. Fozzy were formed in 1999 as a cover band but soon started to write their own material. Formed by Rich Ward, he met with wrestler Chris Jericho who became the frontman for Fozzy. In 2012 Fozzy have released Sin and Bones under their label Century Media.

Sin and Bones starts off with Spider In my Mouth, a hard-hitting piece of modern hard rock fit for radio play. Chris Jericho is not the best vocalist in the world but it does work for the most part and melds well with the instruments. On Sin and Bones a majority of the songs could be seen with radio play but there is something unique about them that sets them apart from the mainstream hard rock fodder. Fozzy almost has a progressive sound to them but in no way are they like Dream Theater but rather the progressive side of them is extremely subtle and really can be seen in the 11 minute closer Storm the Beaches. Songs like She’s My Addition and Sandpaper is true to form hard rock tinged with 80’s like riffage. The guitar riffs are abundant ranging from heavy groove-like riffs that would make Pantera fans rejoice to 80’s hair metal style. With the abundant of riffs and the variety between them Sin and Bones doesn’t drag on. Both guitarist Rich Ward and Billy Grey are good in their craft and are able to slow it down and pick it right back up when they need to. As for drums and bass both Frank Fontsere and Paul Di Leo are good at keeping the rhythm going.

In short Fozzy’s Sin and Bones has something for everybody. Fozzy did not break new ground with this album but they are ahead of the curve in the modern hard rock genre, and Sin and Bones is definitely a fun listen.


1. Spider in My Mouth
2. Sandpaper
3. Blood Happens
4. Inside My Head
5. Sin and Bones
6. A Passed Life
7. She’s My Addiction
8. Shine Forever
9. Dark Passenger
10. Storm the Beaches

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