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Forgotten Tomb – Hurt Yourself And The Ones You Love (2015)


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With a three year wait, I am sure die hard fans have been chomping at the bit to get their hands on Forgotten Tomb’s latest release- Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love.  As eager as they may have been sometimes it is better to wait for truly inspired material. Not to say that this album will disappoint them, but it most certainly won’t be impressing very many.

Forgotten Tomb being one of the few black metal acts to break out of Italy and are definitive figure heads in the third wave of the genre.  Herr Morbid as pushed the sound of the band away from the more traditional aesthetics of the black metal genre and incorporates more doom and depressive black metal themes.  Where the previous releases were slower, and atmospheric this one moves into a much more mid tempo and at times catchy realm.

Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love clocks in at just over fifty minutes and is split up between 7 rather lengthy tracks.  If you listen to the cd from start to finish, not one track will stand out from the others.  I will admit I have listened to this album A LOT, and most time forget that it is playing and think shit I forgot to listen again.  The problem is that each song is mid tempo and all with the same tonal textures.  It is not that it is a bad record for the genre, but just incredibly repetitive and uninspired. 

Each song is written following the same structure, tempo, time signature and the same tonality and textures.   The mixing is flawless though, and when you are engaged to closely listening really does highlight the nuances of the guitars and vocals.  Herr Morbid has great vocals and every inflection and snarl is clear-unfortunately so are his lyrics.  Forgotten Tomb and well most depressive black metal bands in general are not known for the most sophisticated of lyrics, but the lyrics here can only be kindly described as immature and repetitive.

The songwriting albeit repetitive is rather catchy at times- mostly though it feels like the same song over and over- regardless the longest track on the album Dread the Sundown somehow breaks away from the monotony of the rest of the album. Forgotten Tomb has brought to the metal world a pretty solid depressive black metal track- musically.  The track opens with the a great almost eerie guitar melody that weaves itself in throughout the song  that helps to break up the more droning parts which are definitive of this genre.  This track cycles- moving and going building and breaking tension unlike  any of the other tracks.

I actually think that the cover art for this cd is a perfect representation of what offers musically.  Technically, it is a well executed photo-crisp, clean, well exposed, etc you name it the photo has it, but conceptually it is cheesy, redundant, and a conglomeration of too many “dark” themes… plus the use of selective color always puts everything way over the top.

Basically,if you are a Forgotten Tomb fan, Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love will satisfy your need for new material, but have Springtime Depression ready to purge and reset your senses.

3.5 out of 5 [rating 3.5]



  1. Soulless Upheaval
  2. King of the Undesirables
  3. Bad Dreams Come True
  4. Hurt Yourself and the Ones You Love
  5. Mislead the Snakes
  6. Dread the Sundown
  7. Swallow the Void

Genre: Depressive Black Metal

Record Label: Agonia Records

Play Time: 51:56


Asher – Drums
Herr Morbid – Guitars, Vocals
A. – Guitars (lead)
Algol – Bass



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