Aug 08

Floor Jansen of ReVamp talked about Wild Card with The Age Of Metal



It has been three years since the release of the self-titled debut album of ReVamp the band of Floor Jansen (ex-After Forever) and now guess vocalist for Nightwish. And during all this time many things had happened to them, from Floor getting sick as a result of a burn out to she joining Nightwish as a guess singer from dusk to dawn.

But for the all the things the band had gone through, their new album. Wild Card, it was worth the wait. This album is indeed a wild card itself, which is an accurate description of what the album is all about. It is difficult to point out a categorization for the music on it, that the closest idea could be bad ass extreme metal. Wild Card tops the band’s first album and establishes the signature sound of the band to a new level of ‘beautiful aggression‘ if such concept could exist, then ReVamp would be by default the soundtrack for it. Now, with this album not only they became more compact and heavy, but it also catapulted the band to a more technical environment making their music rich and more interesting than ever before.

The Age Of Metal recently spoke with Floor Jansen of Revamp. We talked about Wild Card, the inspiration behind the album, the guess musicians on it, Nightwish, a tentative North American tour and more.


Interview with Floor Jansen of ReVamp by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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