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Fleshreaper – Casketastrophe (2017)


On April 6, 2017 Fleshreaper released their first full-length album. It’s been about two years since their demo One Day Closer to Death… End of the Joke was released and it’s great to see them proceeding and putting out more music. This is especially good news if you like a heavy, gross, and punk style to your music.

Fleshreaper was formed in 2014, inside of scorching St Petersburg, FL. Ever since, they’ve been releasing heavy punk rock based on the influences of horror, murder, and everything else sane people don’t want to think about. Their first demo was released a year after the band’s birth, entitled One Day Closer to Death… End of the Joke and afterward they released a split in 2015 with Violation Wind. But now they’ve finally released their first full-length entitled Casketastrophy.

It’s a fairly short album at 29:56, but that’s to be expected from this kind of record. Songs are quick and to the point, and they move right along. Nothing dull or boring.

Overall Fleshreaper has a unique punk sound coupled with death metal style instrumentals and vocals which make for something heavy and filthy but not completely mindless. It’s bold and still has a message most of the time.

This unique punk rock/death metal fusion has been working well for them for the past few years and I think they’re moving more towards a slightly different structure from their earlier material. It’s an interesting direction and I’m eager to see where it goes.

The record starts off strong with Under the Cape. It just barrels forward angrily into the rest of the album. You get a determined yet hopeless feeling listening to it. The solos are gnarly and the obvious blasphemy being spat at every corner makes for something that’s very entertaining to listen to. Another track on here is Trust No One. This song, although the chorus can get slightly repetitive, it’s a song I feel most people can relate to. While mentioning this song, I think something else worth noting is that I enjoyed the use of various samplings throughout the album. It’s always outrageous and/or humorous in a dark way so it matches the theme of the record well.

  Hourglass Has No Soul starts to really pick things up. The guitars here lean much more to a punk vibe, yet still remaining heavy and pounding. It’s still dark and devastating but in a more upbeat way, I guess is a way to describe it. In Hearse Chaser the bass is absolutely filthy and the song fuckin’ grooves. It could just pull you right in with the line “We’re all living in Hell”. Dirt Nap is one that stands out. The song gallops right along, and the vocal style stands out with a really fast flow. The lyrics are clearly enunciated at some points and they’re quite potent. The message is clear and I like that. 

I Want You to Die is another song that has a super fun punk vibe to it. It’s really short, but a quick and hard punch to the home stretch of this record. I’m pretty sure it’s a Mondo Generator cover, and it fits in well nestled with all the other songs. If you sit tight and stay tuned for a while after you probably think the record’s over, you’ll be surprised to hear a cover of Territorial Pissings by Nirvana as a hidden track.

All in all, it was a fun record to listen to. It wasn’t something groundbreaking or pushing some sort of technically coordinated musical boundary. But it was fast, filthy, and fun and damn it that’s what I want in this sort of record.

As a horror fan I can appreciate all the references they throw in with their sampling, and the subject matter is grossly amusing. I look forward to their next release, and I’d say Fleshreaper is a band you should be on the lookout for.

Rating: ★★★★☆


1. Under the Cape 01:50
2. Trust No One 01:55
3. Summer at the Body Farm 03:57
4. Hourglass Has No Soul 02:14
5. Hearse Chaser 02:21
6. Casketastrophe 02:30
7. Dirt Nap 02:28
8. I Want You to Die 00:55
9. All the Dead Things 11:46

Genre: Punk/Metal

Label: Metal Bastard Records

Playing time: 29:56

Line Up:

Scott Fagersten- Bass
Don “B.B.” Queen- Guitars
Tony Anderson- Vocals
Edwin Webb- Guitars
Marc Ciccosanti- Drums



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