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Finntroll – Blodsvept (2013)


From the little country of Finland where it seems all great folk metal bands come from Finntroll has been hard at work.  It only took about 3 years but it’s finally here Finntroll’s 7th studio album “Blodsvept.”  Now for those of you long time troll fans out there this album is something quite interesting and different for sure.  This album in comparison to their previous 6 albums has a different sound and style.  The core essence of who they are is still there but you can tell they have switched things up.  Its got a less harsher sound but still sounds folky as could be.  This album has a more rough recording and has a little bit of an old black metal dark atmospheric element to it.

Blodsvept is the first titled track on the album which in classic Finntroll style begins with a few seconds of a background intro.  Immediately the tone and mood is set for the album and you can hear the new change they have made.  A more calmer somber guitar, drums and even vocal tones are displayed.  Now we can still hear the folk elements in it which makes Finntroll who they are so nothing to fear.   The second track on the album Ett Folk Förbannat is definitely a song that will have fans dancing around.  As always they’re up beat sound always gets you into the music and this song does that exactly.  När Jättar Marschera is a great song off the album because you can hear different influences in the sound.  When you reach 2 minutes the mood of the song changes and you can hear that “blackmetal” influence” for a good minute of the song and then they transition back into their traditional folk sound.  I really liked how they incorporated that different sound in that part of the song.

 Skogsdotter is a great song off the album with fast rifts and intricate melodies.    Dark and evil sounding vocals and subtle background noises make Häxbrygd a very cool sounding sound.  Again a different sounding track then what we’ve heard in the past but then again that’s what makes things new and exciting.  Två Ormar is a good song off the album and they really played with tempo on  this song because after the first 50 seconds things really speed up and then slow down again and we get to hear some classic “AHHHHHHH” screams what song isn’t complete without Vreth yelling.  The sound of a omnious presence in the forest is what you hear and feel when you hear the closing track on the album Midvinterdraken.  By far one of the heaviest songs on the whole album and of course they saved the best for last.

Over all Blodsvept is an amazing album.  Like previously mentioned its different from the sound we are used to but they managed to stay true to themselves and experiment in a subtle way to create a composition of all these excellent songs.  The album has a very distinct sound but is still a folk album with a hint of other influences.  It’s nice to see Finntroll expand and create something that’s diverse.  If you really listen closely to every note you can understand it more.  So raise your pint of mead and give a cheer and listen to Blodsvept.

Track List:

1. Blodsvept
2. Ett Folk Förbannat
3. När Jättar Marschera
4. Mordminnen
5. Rösets Kung
6. Skövlarens Död
7. Skogsdotter
8. Häxbrygd
9. Två Ormar
10. Fanskapsfylld
11. Midvinterdraken

Genre: Folk Metal

Record Label: Century Media




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