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Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell talked with The Age Of metal


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During the last 20 years, Moonspell has become one of the most important, and one of the bands pioneers of the gothic metal genre. From the release of their first album Wolfheart all the way to their latest double album Alpha Noir/Omega White, they had transformed the landscape of gothic metal, and along with bands like Typo O Negative, and Paradise Lost, they had given sense to a genre that now had transcended and transformed beyond borders of the genre itself.

A couple of nights ago, I had the chance to see Moonspell live again, this time was a bit different to my experience in 2013 during the Voices Of The Dark tour. I must say that the line up on that tour outshined Moonspell show, as it was more of a black metal package even though they got exposed to a different crowd, the reactions were different to what we experienced at their recent show. This time around, Moonspell is on the road with Leaves Eyes & Atrocity, a couple of bands that definitely suit their style better and bring a crowd that is pretty much alike to Moonspell‘s crowd.

Their show here in Phoenix, AZ was in a different venue this time, a better sound, and a better lighting was at hand, which result in a better experience for the fans attending the show. They took the stage after Leaves Eyes‘s set around 10 pm, opening with Axis Mundi, and Alpha Noir out of their latest album, following by Finisterra out of their Memorial album (2006), and the title track for the Night Eternal album (2008). The classic Opium from the Sin Pecado (1996) was the first treat of the night for those that love their early stuff. Nocturna out of the Darkness & Hope (2001) was another semi-oldie that the crowd took quite well.

Scorpion Flower and Lickanthrope from the Night Eternal and Alpha Noir respectively, continued the spell for the night. Vampiria & Alma Matter out of their first album Wolfheart (1995) were the pinnacle of the night. A couple classics that the people received quite well, Indeed an amazing treat from the Portuguese for us Americans. Moonspell decided to close their show on that classic train with Full Moon Madness from the Irreligious, and Everything Invaded out of The Antidote (2003)

Overall the stop in Phoenix, AZ of the American Noir tour 2014 was full of surprises, and great songs from different eras of Moonspell‘s musical career. After the show we got a chat with Fernando Ribeiro, vocalist and founder member of Moonspell. We talked about their current tour, their band experiences in the last year, their plans for this 2014, and their role on the Portuguese metal scene.

Moonspell Live at Joe’s Grotto. Phoenix, AZ (01/05/14)



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