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Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell discussed the new album Extinct & the 20th anniversary of Wolfheart



After more than 20 years of musical career Moonspell continues delivering top A studio albums, and live performances. Last March they released their new album Extinct. A ten track album that shines from beginning to end, and that presents a new face of the Moonspell trademark sound. Along with the album, Moonspell is currently touring North America presenting it almost on full force. 

Last week we had the chance to have Moonspell here in Phoenix, AZ brought to us by Mosh Pit Army, along with Septicflesh and Deathstars who complement the Conquerors Of The World Tour this year. Compared with their show here over a year ago, this time around the focus was Extinct. Moonspell played 6 out of the 10 songs of the album. Breath (Until We Are No More), Extinct, The Last of Us, Medusalem, Funeral Bloom, & Malignia. which they sounded unbelievable amazing specially Last Of Us and Medusalem.

There were some old songs & classics like, Opium, Night Eternal, Alma Mater & Full Moon Madness, that complemented the new songs and put the crowd to sing along. But this tour was focus on Extinct, and interesting enough some of the crowd were familiar with the songs so they tried to follow-up the best they could. It was a memorable night, that we hope it can be repeated soon.

After the show The Age Of Metal had the chance to speak with Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell, we talked deeply about Extinct, the 20th anniversary of Wolfheart, and what is next for the band.

Pictures: Moonspell at Joe’s Grotto. Phoenix, AZ (04/28/15)


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