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Felix Martin – The Scenic Album (2013)


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When I was first given the opportunity to do this assignment I thought, fourteen-string guitar…WHAT? I had no idea something like that could be possible. But then I decided to go ahead and give the album a listen. The album is the newest release by Felix Martin titled The Scenic Album, and I couldn’t recommend it more. It combines fast rhythms, intricate melodies, and catchy riffs. Featuring other well-renowned musicians such as bassist Nathan Navarro and drummer Marco Minnemann, this album is definitely a must-have for all music fans.

The album starts with an instant catchy song titled The Tango Part 1. The opening riff is funky and bass-induced, and then changes to a heavier riff. The track progresses in this pattern, yet upping the funk and the agility throughout the song. The Tango Part II is an equally catchy track, but it fuses more melody rather than just that deep funk. The Tango Part III isn’t even two minutes in duration, yet it’s one of the strongest songs off of the album with a rapid funk groove that makes you move.

Viroliano Tries Prog is by far the most interesting track on the album; combining those funk grooves with a unique drum pattern makes this track intoxicating. It then transcends to Viroliana Tries Jazz. The jazz-fusion influence is extremely compelling. This song is definitely the catchiest off of the album.

Reading Martin’s bio, his sound is described as “progressive, rock and jazz.” That is pretty much an understatement considering he goes beyond what you normally hear in any of those genres. The instrument he coined-as well as his talent-results in a sound that is unique, heavy, and all around fun to listen to. The Scenic Album is a masterpiece. Any music fan can appreciate Martin’s innovative skill and singular style.



1. The Tango I
2. The Tango II
3. The Tango III (video playthrough – all parts)
4. Spam II (video playthrough)
5. Triangle Tune
6. High Spirit (video playthrough)
7. Viroliano Tries Prog
8. Viroliano Tries Jazz
9. Viroliano Tries Metal
10. Eleven Drums
11. 2 AM

Genre: Progressive/Rock/Jazz

Label: Prosthetic Records

Playing Time: 43 Minutes


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