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Fejd – Nagelfar (2013)



Sweden’s neofolk or medieval folk “metal” band, Fejd, have released their third full length album, Nagelfar. Fejd have once again composed an album that will put a smile on your face and put a shuffle in your step, even if you are in the worst of moods. Although there are some similarities with all bands confined to the folk genre, Fejd have created an exception for themselves and have set a higher standard with the release of Nagelfar.

This album is sung in their native tongue and features quite a collection of obscure instruments. Yes, even obscure for the folk genre. Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and brother of band mate Niklas, Patrik Rimmerfors, gives attention to the bouzouki, hurdy-gurdy and the cow antler to name a few. Nagelfar seems to give all of the instruments a shining moment not being overcast by vocals and vice a versa.

Joining the Rimmerfors brothers are Nostradamus power lords, Lennart Specht, Thomas Antosson and Esko Salow. Combining what seems to be a never-ending amount of talent, the boys have pushed their sound closer to being worldly accepted into the metal family. Not to worry any hardcore fans that the band has lost sight of what their music signifies. Nagelfar  is as medieval and as folky as previous releases, just with a little more backbone.

This album was inspired by a 13th century story in the Prose Edda written by Snorri Sturluson. It tells the tell of Naglfar,  an old Norse ship created  entirely by toenails and fingernails of dead men,( ‘Nail Ship.’) The ship is a transporter of only bad and evil things. Knowing and not knowing what concept led to the release of Nagelfar definitely impact the feeling left with after listening. A visit to google to find out more  information or to read the story itself is a must point, type and click.

The album  simply put is  fun, enjoyable and a mythical adventure. It’s the kind of music that makes you smarter, even if you don’t understand Swedish.  The only downside is having to wait for what is yet to come from Fejd.

For those of you lucky enough to be attending Wacken this year make sure to catch Fejd’s performance, 7/31 WackingerStage


Track listing:

1. Ulvsgäld

2. Sigurd Ring

3. Nagelfar

4. Dis

5. Den skimrande

6. Jordens smycke

7. Fjärrskådaren

8. Vindarnas famn

9. Häxfärd

10. Ulvsgäld (Bonus Track Rehearsal)

Genre:  Neofolk/medieval metal

Record Label : Napalm Records

Total playtime – 43:06

Line Up –

Patrik Rimmerfors – vocals, bouzouki, swedish bagpipe, jew’s harp, hurdy-gurdy, cow antler, recorder, willow-pipe
Niklas Rimmerfors – moraharpa (keyed fiddler), vocals
Lennart Specht – keyboards
Thomas Antonsson – bass
Esko Salow – drums 



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