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Fear Factory celebrates Demanufacture at Marquee Theater (Tempe, AZ 05/06/16)



Fear Factory celebrated the 20th year anniversary of their acclaimed sophomore album Demanufactured with an extensive tour around North America that saw the band playing the album on its entirely to crowds driven by nostalgia. The tour stopped at Marquee Theater in Tempe, AZ last Friday night before making its final show in the band’s hometown (Los Angeles) on Saturday.

The show in Tempe was an early one, it almost felt like an appetizer before a bar crawl on a Friday night at a college town. We arrived around 8 pm to The Marquee theater just in time to witness Soilwork delivering their first show ever at a venue bigger that UB’s or Club Red, They had a different show from the one they delivered on Halloween night 2015, even their lineup was a little different this time.

Soilwork opened with The Ride Majestic, the title track for their latest album, followed by older songs like Nerve, Chainheart, Crestfallen, Follow The Hollow, a more contemporary tone with Living the Infinite I and Whirl of Pain, then back down memory line with Bastard Chain, Rejection Role, Late For The Kill before closing up with Stabbing The Drama.

Soilwork delivered a bigger show to an audience that responded to their set, and to some that got to discover them during this tour, In fact, there were people who were blown away and surprised by the quality of this Swedish band. I guess it will be more people at their next shows in the US for sure.


The wait for Fear Factory wasn’t a long one, as soon you see Dino Cazares hitting the stage with his custom Demanufacture guitar on hand, you know that is going down. The first riffs of Demanufacture sent out the crowd into a complete frenzy, the night continued with Self Bias Resistor followed with my personal favorite Zero Signal (Mortal Kombat anyone?). I think by the time they played Replica, the Marquee’s crowd was beyond the machine’s control.

New Breed, Dog Day Sunrise, Body Hammer, Flashpoint, H-K (Hunter-Killer), and my second favorite Pisschrist were just perfect before closing the Demanufacture cycle with A Therapy For Pain. For the encore, it felt like a premonition as they played Shock and Edgecrusher out of the Obsolete album (as they are playing with the idea of making a tour out that record). Soul Hacker & Regenerate were the only new songs they played out of their newest album Genexus.

Overall having the experience of listening Fear Factory playing an iconic album like Demanufacture on its entirely is not only unique, but also it gives relevance to what this band has done for over 20 years, and it definitely shows how ahead of their time they were when they released this album in 1995. So if you caught this tour you got to experience a unique show, but if you didn’t, well, better be ready in case the comeback with the Obsolete tour if it ever happens.


Pictures: Soilwork, Fear Factory

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