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Fates Warning delivered A Pleasant Shade Of Grey show at Club Red (10/29/15)



After a couple of years of absence Fates Warning returned to the Phoenix area, as they continue to promote their latest album Darkness In A Different Light (2013). This time around the venue was bigger and the mood was better.

When I arrived Deminura a local band was on stage, they sounded great for an instrumental melodic death metal band, but I keep getting bother by the drum sound which was lost in the mix, and lacked volume – not that the drummer was bad, he was on point – the problem was the drum sound itself. But overall, a good promising band.

Phoenix & Dragon was next, a local favorite, that has defined their style as an instrumental band, which at this point can go either way, a vocalist could be a nice feature though, but it seems their instrumental style have grown more among their fan base. Their show was interesting, great musicianship, and it seems their new drummer fits their music well, it is always a treat to see a band that care about their music, and that is what breaks them apart from the stereotypical death metal band that populates the Phoenix area.

Fates Warning, took the stage and it felt bigger than last time they were here, and that also was reflected on the crowd who abandoned the bar area and came together to the front of the stage. From riff one, we knew we were there for a treat. Ray Adler vocals were on point, and Jim Matheos and Mike Abdow (who is touring with them at the moment) work on guitars was flawless, in the other end bass player Joey Vera along with drummer Bobby Jarzombek delivered a solid rhythm section.

Fates Warning delivered an amazing performance that visited many moments from their career, from five pieces of A Pleasant Shade Of Grey (1997) – which was reissued early this year – to Parallels (1991). Which gained a lot of cheers from the crowd that got their prog on that night, and of course several songs from their latest album Darkness In A Different Light. Even though the writing process for the upcoming album is ready, we will have to wait until 2016 to get our hands on a new Fates Warning album.

Unfortunately nothing dating from their 80’s era, which will come out next year when they play the full Awaken The Guardian at the Keep It True festival in Europe, and at ProgPower USA XVII in Atlanta, GA (Only dates confirmed so far for those special shows).

Set List:

  1. One Thousand Fires
  2. Pale Fire
  3. Part of the Machine
  4. Life in Still Water
  5. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part III
  6. Into the Black
  7. One
  8. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part VI
  9. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part VII
  10. Another Perfect Day
  11. The Ivory Gate of Dreams: IV. Quietus
  12. Firefly
  13. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part IX
  14. A Pleasant Shade of Gray, Part XI
  15. Monument


  16. The Eleventh Hour
  17. Point of View

Pictures: Fates Warning at Club Red Mesa, AZ (10/29/15)


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