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Fallujah – The Flesh Prevails (2014)



To state “Fallujah just released a new album” would be an understatement. This creation is titled “The Flesh Prevails.” An interesting title, because more than flesh prevails with this album; the listener feels their soul emerging with just one listen of this album. This out of body experience defines this album, and keeps the listener coming back. Very few bands can achieve this quality of disembodiment, which is why Fallujah will blow minds with this new album.

Fallujah starts this journey with Starlit Path. The song starts out simple: a few strings are plucked, the atmospheric effects are at a minimum, and the listener gets an overall calming vibe. But this calming vibe is obliterated with rapid drumming from Andrew Baird and the heavy bass riffs from Robert Morey. The listener can then easily distinguish the vocals of Alex Hofmann breaking glass to move this track to another reality. And this reality encompasses a combination of harsh sounds with a blissful feeling.

The next track, Carved From Stone, is by far the catchiest one. The intro riffing automatically pulls the listener in; but the extremes Fallujah takes is what really draws the listener in. This song is completely unpredictable in the sense that it is filled with adrenaline-pumping vitality and soothing effects. You can feel aspect of this song throughout your body, which truly makes it unforgettable.

When I talk to other Fallujah fans, I hear one of their favorite elements about this band is their use of atmosphere. The song The Flesh Prevails is the one for those fans. This track has an appeasing nature that alone will keep the listener mesmerized. But what really stands out is how you can still hear the band’s dexterous musicianship, more specifically from guitarists Scott Carstairs and Brian James. The riffing isn’t technical or extravagant, rather ardent to capture the mood of the song. This passion persuades the listener, and will definitely be a favorite of the fans.

The next song, Levitation, is one of the most powerful on the album. The atmospheric intro quickly transcends into a destructive machine with swift drumming and a ravaging character. By far the most brutal on the album, this is one of my personal favorite songs by Fallujah.

The song Allure is an instrumental one, and a brilliant one at that. The word “allure” means “to attract,” and this song definitely has that quality. There are several instrumentals on this record, but they do not contain the dexterity that this one does. The dissonance this track upholds is unlike the fluidity that is on the rest of this album. And even with the track’s end does the nefarious technicality only increase. These qualities will all attract and amaze the listener.

The last song on the album, Chemical Cave, is one defined by subtlety, but still has an indescribable amount of potency to it. Everything gradually falls into place, but once it does the result is mind blowing. I personally feel the best work from guitars and drums is on this song. But still, nothing too strenuous so the album can come to a solacing end.

Fallujah went above and beyond their classic form of songwriting, distorting what we commonly saw as Fallujah and redefining their whole entire sound. I feel this is the best way to make an album: stick to what you are but make it so that you will become something completely unpredictable. But Fallujah’s journey doesn’t end with this album. They have Summer Slaughter coming up, and I imagine bigger things for the rest of the year.



1. Starlit Path
2. Carved From Stone
3. The Night Reveals
4. The Flesh Prevails
5. Levitation
6. Alone With You
7. Allure
8. Sapphire
9. Chemical Cave

Genre: Atmospheric Death Metal

Record Label: Unique Leader Records


Alex Hofmann – Vocals
Scott Carstairs – Guitars
Brian James- Guitars
Robert Morey – Bass
Andrew Baird – Drums



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