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Fallujah discusses Touring and the Dreamless Scavenger Hunt



Metal fans are fortunate because they’re experiencing the growth of a young band. Fallujah just started their uphill climb as a professional band, but these five young men have been working toward this for the past ten years. And their third full-length album Dreamless embodies the discoveries they’re making as a band. 

With it being the debut album for their signing with Nuclear Blast Records, this album holds a lot of significant value in their career. Fallujah has always been known to mix atmospheric melodies with intense death metal influences. Because of this, Fallujah is probably the biggest act in modern death metal. Dreamless is set to be released on April 29th.

The majority of Fallujah’s fans have been with them since the beginning. From their heavier first EP Leper Colony to The Flesh Prevails where their sound became more melodic, the fans have been supportive of this band. With this support, all Fallujah can do from here is grow into the monster they were meant to become.

Each member also contributes a dynamic role to the band; vocalist Alex Hofmann’s growl is ferocious and loud while guitarists Scott Carstairs and Brian James place piercing solos that set the mood. For the rhythm section, drummer Andrew Baird can be heard by his rapidity and brutal drum stylings, while bassist Robert Morey prefers technical grooves. Each member has an inhuman amount of skill and perfectly makes this band into a powerhouse.

Fallujah is also gaining touring success fast. With constant touring around North America and overtaking European territory, this band is becoming an international act. This year alone Fallujah is taking a European festival run, playing France’s Hellfest amongst others. Anyone can tell this band is going through a massive growing stage. It won’t be long until this band takes over the world.

The Age of Metal was able to speak with Fallujah while they were at The Social in Orlando, FL. In the interview, we discuss the tour, the Dreamless scavenger hunt, and how they’re anticipating the release of the album.

Pictures: Fallujah at The Social (Orlando, FL 04/23/16)


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