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Falloch – This Island, Our Funeral (2015)


Falloch - This Island, Our Funeral

For many fans, music is a story and a journey, where the artist often takes us to another place. They build soundscapes that propel us to various recesses of our mind and imagination. With This Island, Our Funeral, Scotland’s Falloch take the listener on an atmosphere-laden, post-rock voyage through the peaks and valleys of their native land. The album is replete with big, airy guitar and a densely rumbling rhythm section. To accompany us along the way are the wailing sounds of guitarist and vocalist, Tony Dunn.

As you explore the album, something becomes readily apparent the further you travel. This Island, Our Funeral is fairly steady with occasional waves that rock you further up and down, but a palpable lack of direction leaves you feeling a bit empty. There is no doubt that each band member has talent and are adept with their instruments, however, what is missing is the ability to pull their ideas together into something that moves towards finality. There are plenty of moments that build and swell, but by the time the crest arrives, you often are met with something anti-climactic, or lose a satisfactory sense of anticipation. There seems to be a blurred line between beginning and end. While that isn’t necessarily a negative, it is difficult to see where the album is going. A lot of the music feels like a low-hanging fog blanketing rolling hills and sloping valleys. It’s thick and difficult to discern where it begins to lift. Considering that most of the songs clock in over five and a half minutes, it becomes easy to lose your way. The final track, “Sanctuary,” seems to tie everything together a bit better than its predecessors, but still suffers from the aforementioned meandering.

If a band decides that progressive and layered is the direction it wishes to march, a bit of restraint is welcomed. Obviously, there are a number of artists that have chosen this path and have done it with masterful skill. However, others must learn to hone and focus their ambitions in order to keep the listener from abandoning the journey before it ends. Falloch have the right idea and show promise, but have yet to fully understand that sometimes, less really can be more.

2.5 out of 5 Rating: ★★½☆☆

Falloch band pic

1. Tòrradh
2. For Life
3. For Ùir
4. Brahan
5. –
6. I Shall Build Mountains
7. Sanctuary

Genre: Post-Rock

Record Label: Candlelight Records

Playing Time: 52:53

Line Up:
Tony Dunn − vocals/guitar
Sean McLean − guitar/keyboard
Ben Brown − bass
Steve Scott − drums


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