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Falk Maria & Matthew of Powerwolf discussed Blessed & Possessed



After reaching success with their latest album Preachers Of The Night, the German wolfpack known as Powerwolf has returned with a new album titled, Blessed And Possessed, The band’s success on combining thunderous heavy metal music with a dark imaginary of religious icons, plus adding the unique voice of Attila Dorn had them tour Europe several times, that the echo of their magnificent pagan music had reached America. 

Powerwolf‘s Blessed And Possessed is straight forward heavy metal album, that continues the idea presented on Preachers Of The Night, but it amplifies its message in order to keep a constant and steady style. The album is dynamic, epic and overall quite versatile. Songs like: Army Of The Night, Blessed And Possessed, Higher Than Heaven & We Are The Wild are the perfect example of how Powerwolf has developed more their music.

There are some diverse songs that contrast the heaviness and how epic the album is, Dead Until Dark, Armata Strigoi (based on Western European legends), All You Can Bleed and Sacramental Sister are some of those songs. That keep the band’s heavy style, but are different on style and intent.

To expand more on the ideas and concepts of Blessed And Possessed, The Age Of Metal spoke with Falk Maria Schleger (Organ) & Matthew Greywolf (guitar) of Powerwolf.



Interview with Falk Maria Schleger & Matthew Graywolf of Powerwolf by Theageofmetal on Mixcloud

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