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Falconer – Black Moon Rising (2014)


Falconer - Black Moon Rising

Three years have passed since Swedish folk/power metallers Falconer released their album Armod. After that, they disappeared from the metal radar, everything from a hiatus, to rumors that the band had broken up appeared everywhere. Well, it seems that Falconer was just gaining strength to release their new album Black Moon Rising.

The album takes the band back to their original roots of their early glory days, and is also completely in English (as their latest album, was entirely in Swedish). Songs like; Black Moon Rising, Halls And Chambers, and Scoundrel And The Squire represent a more elaborated and faster sound, that remind us to their Among Beggars And Thieves album. Besides being one of the pioneer bands in the folk metal genre, Falconer understands the importance of moving forward beyond their own legacy.

Black Moon Rising, has a lot more elements of power metal than folk metal. Songs like; In Ruins, There Is A Crow On The Barrow, and Age Of Runes are fast, melodic, and bring a style of aggression that was never present in their latest album. Falconer‘s style hasn’t changed, it has evolved by using what they did on their early works, and applying it to the present of the genre that they helped pioneer.

With Black Moon Rising, the band is back to the heat of the battle, where everything begun. If you like folk or power metal, this album better be your pick for the summer. As is fresh and honest, as the legacy that Falconer had built since the band started back in 1999.

Falconer - Gruppbild 2014 II


01. Locust Swarm
02. Halls and Chambers
03. Black Moon Rising
04. Scoundrel and the Squire
05. Wasteland
06. In Ruins
07. At The Jester’s Ball
08. There’s a Crow on the Barrow
09. Dawning of a Sombre Age
10. Age of Runes
11. The Priory

Genre: Folk/Power Metal

Record Label: Metal Blade Records

Playing Time: 51 Minutes

Line Up:

Mathias Blad: vocals
Stefan Weinerhall: guitar
Jimmy Hedlund: guitar
Magnus Linhardt: bass
Karsten Larsson: drums



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