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Facebreaker – Dedicated to the Flesh (2013)


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So when I think of zombies, I think of decrepit and rotting lifeforms approaching living human counterparts with outstretched arms, a limping walk and a lifeless glare in their eyes. When they go to attack, they crunch the human skull and bite their yellowing and jagged teeth into the flesh. They tear at muscles and dig their grotesque muzzles into that bloody mess. This is the perfect imagery that’s used to describe Sweden death metalers Facebreaker’s music. Their newest album Dedicated to the Flesh is nothing short of vulgar and brutal.

There are so many good tracks featured on this album it’s hard to pick which ones to feature. The title track Dedicated to the Flesh is heavy and features sick guitar work. Zombie Flesh Cult is the catchiest track on the record with hooks that stick to your brain. Mutilator is by far the most ruthless track. Nuclear Outbreak has a kind of agility I never heard before. Swarm of Zombies is the most fun to headbang to. And Tomb of the Dead contains a certain aggression that you don’t hear except in Swedish death metal.

Dedicated to the Flesh is Facebreak’s fourth full-length. From a band that has been around since 1999, it makes you wonder where they were all this time. Swedish death metal is one of my personal favorites. Their style is more belligerent than that of other bands, and it’s intoxicating. Facebreaker is definitely a breakthrough for bands that come from this region.

Facebreaker is definitely going to turn heads with this new album. Definitely one of the most brutal forces to be introduced to the death metal community, this album will definitely be a highlight for them. I’m hoping with the release of this album they will be touring in support of it. A live show is definitely what I want to see after what I just heard. But until then I’ll have to headbang to Dedicated to the Flesh.

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1. Meat Freak
2. Dedicated to the Flesh
3. Catacomb
4. Zombie Flesh Cult
5. Mutilator
6. Nuclear Outbreak
7. Hellmaster
8. Carving for Brains
9. Swarm of Zombies10. World Cremation
11. Tomb of the Hungry Dead

Genre: Death Metal

Label: Metal Blade Records (US) Cyclone Empire Records (EU)

Playing Time: 39 Minutes and 31 Seconds


Guitar – Mika Lagreen
Guitar – Jan Ivarsson
Bas – Jonas Magnusson
Drums – Kniven
Vocals – Robert Karlsson


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