Jun 12

Exumer- Rising from the Sea (2012)


Unplug your headphones, turn down the cassette playing in your car and get ready for another classic album.  Here’s the second part of the special treat Exumer has given their fans this year.  The reissue of Rising from the Sea (1987) through End of The Light Records.  Again this is the second album the 80’s thrash band is releasing this year to America.  They were able to remaster and again add 3 demo tracks to the cd.

CAUTION THE LYRICAL CONTENT OF THIS ALBUM MAY BE CONSIDERED OFFENSIVE.  Brave fans listen if you dare but don’t get offended because Exumer just gave you a warning this is gonna get extremely grotesque.  What a perfect way to introduce an album that will be rude and crude thrash metal.  The first song off the album is Winds Of Death which starts off heavy with a deep guitar rift that grabs your attention.  Then we hear Paul Arakari  killer scream which reminds me of Tom Araya (Slayer) for a quick second.  The titled track from the album Rising From The Sea is a very classic sounding thrash song which everyone can get into.  It has classic elements from awesome vocals, to shredding guitar rifts & up beat drums with a sick bass line.  No time to waste the 4th track  Decimation is right in your face from the moment it starts.  Then we hit the 50 second mark things slow down for a quick sec. before jumping back into the swing of things.    The First Super again there’s no time to breathe, think or blink just hold on tight for the metal!  The track has the same formula as Decimation and is just as killer.    Unerthed & Shadows Of The Past are both great songs off the cd & again the intro for Shadow of The Past gives you a Slayer sounding vibe.

A deep bass line is the sound you hear to the beginning off the 8th song “Are You Deaf?”  Listen carefully to the fastest 6 seconds between 44 to 50 sec. on the track and you’ll hear what I’m talking about.  It’s the strangest coolest thing you’ll hear vocally on the album!  “I Dare You” &  “Ascension Day” are two good songs that close off the album.  Whips & Chains (Demo) is the never heard song for all fans and its a different sounding track off the album.  Its fast and thrashy in the beginning but the vocals on it are cleaner and Paul Arakari clearly speaks through some parts of the song.  Lil Ol’Me (Demo) again has the same style as the song Whips & Chains with its clean vocals but this song has its own thing going on.  It’s very unique but still sounds great it has a very heavy vibe to it.  Very enjoyable and deep.  Finally we come to the last song Time Out (Demo) has a laid back sound to it and will transcend you into deep thought.  It’s a great tune that will leave you impressed because it creates a different type of atmosphere than the other songs on the album.

Over all Rising From the Sea again already has been out for years and is a fan favorite and was the bands second album.  Its style is very different from Possessed by Fire but is still great.  Personally really liked the last 3 demo songs because how far out they were.  They have their own special aura about them.  Every single track on this album sounds just as good as it did in the past.  Fans and new fans should get both releases of these great classic cds and just enjoy some classic thrash metal!

Track List (personal picks*)

1 Intro

2 Winds Of Death*

3 Rising From The Sea

4 Decimation

5 The First Super

6 Unerthed

7 Shadows Of The Past

8 Are You Deaf?*

9 I Dare You

10 Ascension Day

11 Whips & Chains (Demo)

12 Lil Ol’Me (Demo)

13 Time Out (Demo)**


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