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Exumer- Possessed By Fire (2012)


Sit down, lace your high top shoes, get your jean vest on and brace yourself because it’s a thrash attack!  There’s nothing like some good old fashion thrash metal.  Classic 80’s thrash band Exumer has two releases this year, they are  reissuing  “Possessed By Fire (1986),” & “Rising from
The Sea. (1987),”  through End of The Light Records.  The band was formed in 1985 and since then have struggled throughout the years going through hardships, but have proved they are here to stay with their newest release after 25 years which was “Fire & Damnation” (April 2012).  The reissues of these two albums plus demo songs on the albums is a great thing for the band because they have been able to bring back their previous work in a whole new way.  Current band line up is Mem V. Stein (Vocals), Ray Mensh  (Guitar), H.K. (Guitars) T. Schiavo  (Bass), Matthias K. (Drums).

Lets go back to the year 1986 and listen to “Possessed by Fire.”  The album had 10 tracks on it which were very fresh and new at the time.  With this new reissue the band has remastered edited and added so much more to the tracks plus some demo songs as well.

Fast forward to 2012 and the album sounds like new.  The first official song off the cd is the titled track “Possessed By Fire.”  Its starts off fast and in your face.  If you  compare the track to the old one it sounds just as great with a bit more clean and crisp sounding guitars. Original singer Paul Arakari shows that his vocals are just as good as every by hitting all his classic notes in such a killer manner.  “Destructive Solution,” starts off with very cool sounding guitar rifts that really gets you into the song.  Awesome song off the album.   “Fallen Saint,the sound of a bell followed by fast drum beats and shredding on a guitar its only the beginning to the fourth song.  This song is definitely a fan favorite and will be more so after people hear it again.  “A Mortal In Black”  & “Sorrows Of The Judgement,” are two excellent songs off the album.

About half way through the album we come to the song “Xiron Dark Star,” its a total pit starter that’s for sure.  The track is upbeat and has some good energy and again Paul Arakari shows off the level of intensity his voice can reach and when you hit 1 minute 40 seconds you can just hear the beautiful sound of shredding guitar solos.  “Reign Of Sadness,” is another good song off the album where the band show cases their talent.  “Journey To Oblivion,” is probably the fastest song off the album.  Its speed really makes you want to bang your head.  “Silent Death,” has some mind-blowing guitar action going on throughout the whole thing.  Totally the best song off the album.  Its got everything from being catchy, simple rifts, to complex guitar solos, need I say more.  Now the last 3 tracks on the album are demo songs that the band decided to add as something new for the fans.  The first of those three songs is  “A Mortal In Black,” which we already heard but we get to hear this version in all its gritty originality.  It’s still the same song as before just more raw and uncut.  Really makes you get into the greasy roots of metal.  “Scanners,” is a song we haven’t heard on the album but again is just as good as the others.  I liked the vocals at  1 min 30 because they sound creepy the effects they added were perfect.  Finally the last song which “Silent Death,” was a good song to begin with and being able to hear what it was ment to be before just goes to show how the band really tried to perfect the sound quality on the rest of the songs they remastered.

“Possessed by Fire,” was already a great album to begin with back in the day when it first came out.  I believe Exumer did a fantastic job remastering editing and putting all that hard work into this album.  You can tell they really paid attention to detail and did an amazing job sound quality wise.  For old fans they will love the album just as they did before and for anyone who happens to listen to the album today they can realize what they’ve been missing out on and that would be a classic part of thrash history.

Track List (personal picks*)

1 Intro

2 Possessed By Fire*

3 Destructive Solution

4 Fallen Saint

5 A Mortal In Black*

6 Sorrows Of The Judgement

7 Xiron Dark Star

8 Reign Of Sadness

9 Journey To Oblivion

10 Silent Death**

11 A Mortal In Black (Demo)

12 Scanners (Demo)

13 Silent Death (Demo)



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