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Exmortus – Ride Forth (2016)


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Out of all of the bands to emerge from this modern era, no one is as distinctive as Exmortus. Their epic and riff-happy tracks are provoking everyone in their wake. They coined a sound that almost sounds like a madness of swords and shields. Mixed with harsh vocals, deep tones and rapid drumming this band is ready to conquer. Their newest release Ride Forth is just as brutal as their previous material, but it proves this band is gaining strides with world domination. It’s just another way to prove that as long as these guys have heavy metal they’re victorious.

A song like Relentless proves this is one of the most rising bands of the modern era. A riffing frenzy narrates this song of bloodshed and glory. This is one of the many qualities that distinguishes Exmortus, but the shredding seems to be more prominent on this song. Along with the riffing, they fortify this vigorous song with vocalist Conan Gonzalez’ harsh vocals. The reason why it’s impossible to duplicate Exmortus is they run victorious, and they prove that with this song.

The single released off this CD is For the Horde. It’s obvious why since this is the catchiest song on the album. The guitar parts are open to melody, and even with the frantic stylings of this band, this song follows a formula that’s easy for the listener to catch on. But even then, this is still a monster within itself unleashing some of the most intense soloing on this album.

When Exmortus comes racing through your town, you can’t help but cower in terror. This is proved by a song like Let Us Roam. They release soloing to the maximum potential, each lick razor sharp. Every aspect, from the vocals to the drumming, is furious. In short, these guys do nothing short of raging and this song affirms this.

Black Sails is one of my favorite songs because of how bassy it is. It definitely stands out from the other songs on the album, and the deep tones have a nice fit right in the middle of the album. As you roam through the song, the waters become murkier as the bass keeps getting deeper and deeper. But nonetheless, Exmortus moves onward throughout the storms and the tough swamps so the song ends on a lighter note.

Things suddenly become more brutal with Hymn of Hate. This song is polluted with fast riffing, Gonzalez’ signature rough vocals and rapid drumming. There is a brief fragment of the song where the song calms down, but Gonzalez cuts that away from you with his vocals. Overall, this is just a straightforward heavy song!

The heaviness continues with the next song Appassionata. Rather than describing straight brutality, it describes more complex emotions as the intricate musicianship. Each musician is fighting with each other to see who can out-do the other. But even with all of the chaos, this song is still very clear. In short, Exmortus slaughters this insane instrumental song.

Ride Forth is impressive to say the least. For the first album, I’m reviewing this year I couldn’t think of a better release. Whether you’re on the battlefield or in your house, you can jam to this one. Every musician gave a striking performance; each note played penetrates you deeply, allowing every song to stick with you. This band is inducing fury through music, and you can’t get much better than that! Their victories will only be amplified from here.



1 Speed of the Strike
2 Relentless
3 For the Horde
4 Let Us Roam
5 Black Sails
6 Hymn of Hate
7 Appassionata
8 Death to Tyrants
9 Fire and Ice

Genre: Thrash/Death Metal

Record Label: Prosthetic Records

Playing Time: 44 Minutes


Jadran “Conan” Gonzalez – Vocals/Guitar
Mario Mortus – Drums
David Rivera – Guitars/Vocals
Mike Cosio – Bass



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